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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yura An Japanese - Central World, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Yura An (Japanese Restaurant) - Central World, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Yura An - Japanese Restaurant at Central World on BumRes.com

The Yura An is a Japanese restaurant with a touch of modern fusion.  As far as I know, the restaurant has two locations, which are J-Avenue, Thonglor and Central World.  I am reviewing the Central World location.  I was there around seven o’clock in the evening and I was so surprised to find no customers in the restaurant at all.  The fact that I was there with one guy friend made the attitude a bit awkward.  Interior design was simple and clean cut, a straight forward and functional design like most Japanese restaurants.  With a quick glance around the dining room, I assume that this restaurant can probably hold about 100 people or so.  Customer service was fine, like any average restaurants in a shopping mall.   

The food came out so quickly after we ordered.  I am sure it was because there was only one table to service.  For the two dudes at Yura An, we had about five dishes.  First one was the crispy coated Tuna over a salad with wasabi dressing (I don’t know the actual name).  I had never seen this menu anywhere before.  Tuna was completely raw and the outer layer was covered with crispy breadcrumbs; what a contrast in one bite.  I liked the combination of all; tune, salad, and wasabi.  Second dish was the Salmon Roll (again, I can’t recall the name).  Salmon cut wrapping around the roll was sparkling in bright orange, looking so mouth watering.  The taste was nothing special, average quality; as good as any mainstream Sushi joints.             

At Yura An, the third was a combo platter of our own picked Nigiri.  Appearance was splendid, good sized and perfectly arranged on the plate. (The photos may be blurry, I set the aperture too wide T_T)  To comment on quality and taste, fish was freshest I have had and the rice was not as connected to the fish.  Arts of rolling Sushi must be superior.  The result may appear simple but the hidden skills require discipline.  I rarely find properly rolled sushi at any average franchises, except at specialized Japanese Sushi Bars (If you really want to get into Sushi like me, try reading the comic of the Jao Nuu Sushi (Sushi Boy) and you will understand the hard work of Sushi Chefs).  Last dish was the Tartar Tuna.  Different technique of preparation, I had never seen before.  Seaweeds and lime wedges were given; interesting but now, what do I do?  I tried different ways; Tuna rolled in seaweed with lime, without lime, Tuna with lime, Tuna alone, etc.  I thought that the mix of the Tuna over the salad was best on its own.   Eating this dish the simplest way without the seaweed was like a French cuisine with Japanese fusion, lol… 

The bill totaled to 1,129 Baht.  I thought it was higher than expected, must be because of the VAT and service charge addition.  Well, it wasn’t that expensive for the atmosphere and the creativity put into the food.  Yura An is resided in the high-end food zone of the Central World.  Their menu has all kind of fancy tricks applied to be unique, I like that.  There were many more that I saw in the menu.  Looks like I will have to check out the Thonglor location.  

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