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Friday, March 30, 2012

Giorgio Italian Restaurant - Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Giorgio Italian Restaurant - Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score 8.5/10
Taste  4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service 5/5
Value 4/5

Giorgio's Italian Restaurant - Royal Orchid Sheraton on BumRes.com

The Giorgio’s had been a fine restaurant in my wish list for the longest time.  I just never had the opportunity to go and there was always something holding me back, such as the high prices (possibly the main factor).  I tried to find a review of the Giorgio but I never found any details of the menu pricing.  Even the website of the hotel didn’t have any info of the restaurant at all.  Its location at the Charoenkrung 30 was also so far from my house.  Finally, I intentionally planned to go to the Giorgio’s @ Royal Orchid Sheraton.  This Italian restaurant is much larger than the Rossini @ Sheraton Grande that I had just visited.  Georgio’s atmosphere is nicer and it has an outdoor seating area for enjoying the riverside view with the nice chill breeze of the late evening (there were more people sitting outside than inside).  Decorated with classy European style, more beautiful than all of European restaurants I had gone to recently (perhaps because the place has the river view).  One kind server was assigned to take care of my table.  She was really nice and caring, so I definitely give ten points for service.    

The selection of food at Giorgio is similar to other classy Italian restaurants, focusing on smaller selection with higher quality and a menu that change in accordance to the chef’s ingredient pick or by the season.  Details of the menu on the day that I visited can be found in the tab menu.  Please feel free to browse through them to get a better idea.  Now that I am reviewing through the list, I want to go back there again to try other dishes in the menu.  The extravaganza offer is quite a bargain if there is 50% discount. 

The first one on the table was the Caprese Salad, traditional style.  This menu at the Giorgio is one of the best I had ever had; refreshingly chilled tomatoes, the cheese, and the dressing in one bite is unbelievably tasty.  Many places wouldn’t have the tomatoes this cold and not as fresh as this one (there was a knife for cutting up the tomato but I didn’t need it since I took the whole thing in one bite, lol…).  The second dish was the Risotto with Prawn and N’Duja Spicy Salami (430 Baht), which was the signature dish.  Risotto was different; almost like a rice soup.  To my surprise, I liked it – juicy and delicious.     

The third one was our Main Course, a Black cod served with sundried cherry tomatoes and capers (710 Baht).  Absolutely yummy; the Cod was properly cooked to the core and the sauce had an intense bite that matched the textured well.   Fourth dish was the Tom Yum Spaghetti (420 Baht), which disappointed me a bit.  The menu boasted this dish as the Pastamaster 2011 Competition Winner, so I was expecting godly delish Spaghetti.  It was bluntly strange; too spicy, too dry, and the out of nowhere flavors didn’t blend with the chicken aside at all.  For this menu, I only had a few bites and I had to quit it.  We finished off the meal with desserts; four desserts mix for 420 Baht.  Desserts were so impressive.  Inversus had much better desserts.  

The bill totaled to only about 1,500 Baht because we had 50% discount.  I always thought that this place was too expensive but in fact, without the discount the price would still be reasonable.  Overall, the meal was not bad; we had four delicious dishes and two failures.  I loved the atmosphere at the Giorgio’s @ Royal Orchid Sheraton so much.  I have to bring my girlfriend here for a romantic dinner to enjoy the wine with the riverside breeze; perfect set up for a special night out.  If you want to impress your special someone, this is the spot.   

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