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Friday, March 30, 2012

Casa Antonio - Chiang Mai (Eng Version)

Casa Antonio Ristorante Italiano - Chiang Mai (Italian Restaurant)

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   5/5

Casa Antonion Ristorante Italiano - Chiang Mai on BuMRes.com

My experience at the Casa Antonio was a coincidence.  An old friend who was familiar with the area recommended the Giorgio’s but the place happened to be closed that day, so we tried to call to find out when they will be opened and someone over the phone(Giorgio’s owner) suggested us to try the Casa Antonio, which was so near the Giorgio’s.  This place is just passed the Shangri la on the Chang Klan Road.  The restaurant was resided in a modified residential structure; the atmosphere was pleasant both inside and outside. 

The selling point of this restaurant must be the food selection; the menu is so extensive and priced much lower than Italian restaurants of the same grade in Bangkok.  Common dishes ranged around 200-300 Baht and a bit higher for the main dishes.  Please take your time to see the full menu in the tab menu for more information. 

Let’s talk about food of Casa Antonio.  The first was the complimentary bread.  There were two types, served hot.  Only the beginning, this place already impressed me with the really tasty bread.  Our first order was the Beef Carpaccio (280+ Baht).  I don’t think I have had this menu elsewhere before.  Once I had tried for the first time, I was speechless.  So delicious; raw beef with rocket salad and cheese.  Everything belonged together on this special plate.  From now on, this menu will become my usual pick wherever I find it.  Next up was the Antonio Salad (230+), simply good; nothing that special, good sized portion.  Shortly to follow was the Mussels Lemon (270+), a great menu, served in large portion, nice and delicious, and no stinky smell.  Two more Italian specialties before we get to the Pasta dishes.  First of the main was the Ossobuco (350+), a braised Veal Shank that was so fantastically delicious.  We all fought over this dish like there was no other dish on the table.  The meat was so juicy and tender; we could easily use our fork to pull out the meat to the bone.   On the side was the mashed potatoes that perfectly matched the Veal Shank.  My friend liked the mashed potatoes so much he ordered an extra side of it.  But, it turned out to be too much because we didn’t have enough meat to enjoy together.  After a few minutes, the Pizza with four toppings mix arrived.  For 250+ Baht, this pizza was worth it.  The doe was great, thin crust with crispy and firm texture, and good amount of toppings; Pizza Franchises aren’t even close to being this good.   

By this time, we had two from the Main menu and two from the appetizer.  Now we are talking Pastas.  Each of us ordered our own Pastas, a total of seven choices and none of them were the same; Penne 4 Cheese, Spaghetti Carbonara, Tagliatelle Salsicia, Tagliatelle Scallops, Linguine Prawns, and Penne Squid Tomato Bacon, and Lasagna.  All of them cost no more than 300 Baht and portions were large and satisfying.  Actually we were almost full before the Pastas arrived, we really shouldn’t order one for each person.  With the less appetite, we were all enjoying the pastas with no complaints and finished everything.  All of the Pastas were delicious; none of them was a disappointment.   

The bill totaled to 3,685 Baht plus the 10% service charge and no VAT.  I really enjoyed my experience at the Casa Antonio, better than some Italian restaurants in Bangkok and not to mention about the lower prices.  This place deserves to be a sibling restaurant of the Giorgio, a renowned spot of Chiang Mai.  Overall; the atmosphere was classy but pleasant, service was great (There was one kind lady, possibly the owner, came to our table to talk to us and recommended us the menu- I thought that was nice of her and other servers were also attentive) , the food was absolutely delicious.  I consider the Casa Antonio to be a Grade A restaurant and would also be included in the highly recommended section.  If you were in Chiang Mai and feel like having an Italian meal, check out this spot, the Casa Antonio on ChangKlan Road near Shangri La hotel. 

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