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Friday, March 30, 2012

China Gate - Vibhavadee-Rangsit Road, Bangkok (Eng Version)

China Gate - Vibhavadhi Rungsit Road

Overall Score 8/10
Taste  4/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value  3.5/5

China Gate - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The China Gate is a large Chinese restaurant, located on Vibhavadee-rangsit road opposite to the Thai Airways Headquarter.  Many of you may have noticed the grand entrance as driving by area; a large golden front gate is clearly visible from the Vibhavadee road.  I drove by it a million times but never had the chance to eat there until this time.  So, I am writing a review for all of you. 

As far as I know, China Gate is under the same management as “China House” restaurant in Soi Aree, as well as “T. House” Vietnamese restaurant.  I believe there are many more restaurants running by this same company and all of them are leaning toward the high-end level.  China Gate's interior setting was well decorated with luxurious elements, which made the elegant atmosphere so pleasing to the eye.  Moreover, the servers had a great service-minded. They were taking good care us without invading our privacy at all.  If you were to meet a girl, it was like a love at first sight.  I’m sure you will fall in love with the place.  Only need to explore the inner beauty (food) of her, to be sure.  


China Gate offers a variety of choices in their menu.  Prices range is similar to gourmet Chinese restaurant elsewhere and a bit below the fine restaurants in the five star hotels.  China Gate has more to offer than just Chinese food, Japanese specialties are also available (but I can’t recall a Japanese restaurant in their management).  At first I wanted to order some Japanese dishes but the prices held me back, so I only ordered their Chinese dishes.    

At China Gate, I ordered a few dishes, let’s briefly go over them.  First one was the Shanghai noodles.  I hadn’t had this menu in forever, so I really wanted to have it when I saw it in the menu.  Serving portion was more than satisfying and the taste was delicious but the impression on the dish was ordinary.  Next was the Pad JabChaay, stir fried with glass noodles but I personally thought it was more like Pad Poy Sien.  This menu was good but nothing special, similar to what I can find at other places.  Third one was the Sizzling beef, which came with the saucy and smoky aroma that was simply mouth-watering.  It was so delicious; the sauce was well infused into the meat.  Fourth selection was the crispy fried dumpling, the name was Heavenly Poh-Pia.  A flat pan shape like pizza dumpling was enjoyable.  It is a tough one to go wrong; looked the same as other Chinese places.  Fifth one was a Stir-fried noodles, MeeSua Hong-Te, which was my favorite one in this meal.  The noodles mixed well with all the ingredients – excessive amount of veggies and meat.  Great balance of flavors was charmingly delicious.  Last dish in the order was the Duck’s tongue fried with See-Iw (soy sauce).  There was almost twenty pieces in one plate – Perfect: so many and so delicious.  I add one more dish, a stir-fried Tow Meaw in Oyster sauce.  Great portion of it was served in a large plate. This vegetable is very similar to bean sprout with more chewy texture.  Such a simple dish with only vegetable and sauce but it was so delicious, greatly enjoyable with rice.  

The bill at China Gate totaled to 2,057 Baht with service charge but no VAT, so I basically saved 7%.  I thought the price was reasonable, definitely worth it; for 7-8 large portion dishes, good service, and pleasant atmosphere.  Well, I would say that this is another good spot for Chinese food.  So, if you are in the area or drive by there, I suggest checking it out, the China Gate on Vibhavadee-Rangsit Road. 

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