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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Konan Horumon Heizo Yakiniku Buffet - Thonglor, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Konan Horumon Heizo Yakiniku Buffet - Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Konan Horumon Heizo - บุฟเฟ่ต์ปิ้งย่าง on BumRes.com

The opportunity to go to the Konan Horumon Heizo began with finding the discounts and deals online.  I got a bargain for the meal.  Prior to going, I didn’t know that I actually had gone to this place before.  It was a few years back, I was celebrating a friend’s birthday with large group (we were in the private room and we had about 20,000 Baht).  As I could remember, the name wasn’t this name.  Konan Horumon Heizo must have taken over the space.  Whoever knows about the older spot, can you tell me? I am just curious.  I always thought that the Konan… was further in to the Grand Tower Inn.  It turned out, Konan Horumon Heizo is located right at the front.  Anyways enough for all the confusion, all I know is that this Japanese place specializes in entrails and grilling. 

As far as my knowledge goes, the word Horumon refers to entrails.  Konan must be a person’s name, like in the Comic book character.  And Heizo can’t mean Hi-so, lol… Whoever knows what the whole name of this Japanese restaurant really means, I would appreciate telling me.  Food of the Konan Horumon Heizo is mainly beef and entrails of all types.  Price range is reasonable, about the same range as any nice non buffet Japanese Yakiniku.  This place has so many kinds of entrails to choose.  I didn’t recognize many of the choices.  Served on the side was mostly Salad, vegetables, Yum (spicy Thai salad), etc.   

Let’s comment on the grilled beef first.  Overall taste of the beef was more than acceptable.  Perhaps just a tad bit better than Buffet places.   The server recommend the Cow’s intestine in salt marinade (240 Baht), supposed to be the popular choice.  Personally I thought it was too chewy and spongy.   And it was hard to tell how cooked it was.  Konan Horumon Heizo features a specialty that can’t be found elsewhere, the grilled Pig’s ear.  I was new to this way of cooking and I had never seen any grilling spots serve the Pig’s ear.  I liked the Pig’s respiratory.  I liked how mediocre it was (texture like soft bones).  

In terms of ready to eat dishes, I didn’t order too many of them.  My selection includes the Ox-tail Porridge, Udon Ox-tail, and spicy seasoning salad.  In fact, I really shouldn’t have ordered the first two because the prices are 300 Baht.  We got scraps of the Ox-tail with almost no edible meat and mostly the bone was presented.  The taste was boring.  It didn’t compliment the goodies on the grill much.  We also had the Yum vegetable (spicy Thai salad) that was so delicious.     

The total damage of meal would be no joke without the Gift Voucher, about 800 Baht per person.  For the amount of all the food served, I would consider this place to be just an average Japanese Yakinuku.   If I were to pay full price, I would rather go to a nice Japanese buffet such as Elite Grill Bar and so on.  One great character of this restaurant was the service.  I was truly impressed with the customer service; comparable to any five star hotels.  You will be surprised how you are treated at Konan Horumon Heizo.  If you are into entrails, try this place out.  It is on Thonglor road near the Sukhumvit end.   Hope you enjoy guts, intestines, stomach, and all.  

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