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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ob Aroi Thai Seafood @ Sriwara, Town in Town, Bangkok

Aob Aroi Thai Seafood Restaurant - Sriwara road, near Town in Town, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  1/5
Value   5/5

Ob Aroi Thai Seafood near Town in Town on BumRes.com

The Ob Aroi is a Thai restaurant, known to serve great seafood.  In Thai, the name means, baked to deliciousness.  From what I have heard, this restaurant used to be a small one and now the place is huge.  Its popularity must come from the quality of the seafood with tasty recipe and the reasonably cheap price.  The location is easy to find, Sriwara area near Town in town.  Please also find the map on www.bumres.com.  You should be able to find the spot with ease. 

I went there with one other friend.  We got to the place about nine o’clock in the evening of a Saturday.  The parking lot was full.  We still found a space to park on the restaurant’s parking lot.  Walking up to the huge dining area, a large court was almost completely filled with customers.  We felt like a couple of lost dudes.  Since there was no greeting and every serving staffs were busy working, we had a hard time trying to get their attention.  After a bit of frustration, I got a hold of one server.  He told us to find an empty table and said that someone will come to take the orders.   Okay, so we found a table but it took a few more minutes until we got the menu.  We were ready to order right away because we were starving.  So we finally got the order in; to my surprise, the food came out so quickly afterward.   Our whole negative attitude on the Ob Aroi started to change. 

For two hungry guys, we order five dishes total.  First dish served was the crab fried rice.  Appearance of this fried rice was plain and boring but when we started digging into it, we found chunks of crabmeat.  With the pale looking fried rice, the flavors came out of nowhere; this fried was so tasty good.  Better than many Thai restaurants, its taste was well balanced; not too salty and not too sweet at all.  Second one was the Pla Krapong Tod Nampla, deep fried Baramundi with fish sauce.  A side of shredded sour mango with shallots and chilies was a great topping on the crispy fish.  Even the fish alone, it was good enough; it tasted like sweet soy sauce was absorbed into the fish.   This fish might be the best one tonight.  We scraped it all down to the bones.  Actually we ate some bones because it was crispy enough - that’s how good it was.  

In the menu of the Ob Aroi, there weren’t as many selections as most Thai restaurants.  By concentrating on only a few dishes, they could maintain the goodness consistency of the food much much better.  Other dishes that we ordered were impressive as well as the first two.  We had the Prawns with distinctive chili garlic dressing, Tom Yum Goong with the heavy red broth (Nam Konn), or the Squid in lime garden.  All of the Ob Aroi seafood dishes were delicious above average Thai restaurants.  To non Thais, the food at Ob Aroi is not intensely spicy (like other Thai Seafood places), so I can convince you that you will really enjoy the food as much as I did.
Well, we finally got the answer to the overcrowded dining hall.  Ob Aroi really had something great to offer.  The seafood was fresh and the price was low; we couldn’t ask for more.  For Thai people, a lot of us can easily overlook the customer service factor.  We went there to eat good food and that is all we expected from Ob Aroi.  Be patient and ignore the servers walking by without caring.  Just order the food, enjoy the food, and get out.  I believe the menu has some English writing and some pictures.  You can get away with pointing in the menu to order; I am pretty sure your servers don’t speak English.  Work a little to get the fantastic Thai Seafood.  I suggest you check this spot out.  

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