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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bai Yun (A la carte) - Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Bai Yun - Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok (Chinese Restaurant dinner a la carte)

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   4/5

Bai Yun - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

On the last visit at Bai Yun @ Banyan Tree Hotel, I was so happy with my Dim Sum buffet experience.  This time the review is on the a la carte menu.  Bai Yun has similar tradition to most Chinese restaurants.  During the dinner time, they will serve a set menu and individual a la carte but no Dim Sum available.  I ordered myself a dinner set for the price of around 1,000 Baht.  I also ordered a la carte dishes to lighten up the meal.  The a la carte I chose was the Steamed Chicken in Chinese Alcohol (Gai Shae Laao).  This particular menu has been my favorite at Chinese places.  Bai Yun’s Chicken was fantastic, just as I had expected for the Bai Yun, a fine Chinese restaurant at a Five Star hotel. 

Everything served in the dinner set was delicious.  I am sorry that I can’t recall a proper name of all dishes but I can simply describe them as following; the herbal soup, salad with crispy pork, huge prawn with chili paste, the red pork fried rice, and Hima fish in soy sauce.  Please see the photos to get the idea.  The Chinese food of Bai Yun was different than traditional Chinese food elsewhere.   The food tasted very authentic but it had a nice touch of modern; I can easily say that this is a Contemporary Chinese cuisine.   I believe this certain style is called, “Nouvel Shinova,” the term I learned from reading the Iron Chef Comic books.  The style is basically a typical Chinese food prepared the traditional way but there is a fine tune and delicate presentation as a final touch prior to serving.  An influence of the European culinary is to create, a more pleasing to the eye, plating.  

Each dish in the set was served one at a time one after another, like the European courses.  And all of them were beautifully decorated and so appetizing.   

For any of you who are looking for a fine Chinese restaurant in a hotel, you must try the Bai Yun @ Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok.  You can go there for lunch to find the Dim Sum or go for dinner to order your favorite a la carte.  Both options, you will be treated with executive service and you will get to enjoy the city view from the 59th floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel.  A romantic dinner would be perfect, as you can reserve the table by the window.   Well, that’s it for admiring this restaurant.  Just try it out for yourself, and don’t forget to come back and let me know how you like it. 

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