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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Silk Road Chinese Restaurant - Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Silk Road (Chinese Restaurant Review) - Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score 8.5/10
Taste  4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value  4/5

Silk Road Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

In the history, there once a road connecting Mainland China to Europe, called the “Silk Road,” that may have brought the European influence to the Chinese cuisine (, or not?)  This is my assumption.  The Silk Road is no longer existed today but you can still experience the restaurant named Silk Road, the official Chinese restaurant at the Plaza Athenee hotel.  This luxurious hotel has many more restaurants than other five-star hotels and the Silk Road is only a small Chinese restaurant in the Grande hotel. 

Dim Sum is traditionally served during lunch time at many Chinese restaurants and the Silk Road is doing the same.  At Silk Road, Buffet Dim Sum is available from Monday through Saturday, including holidays (I was there on the Visakha Bucha Day).  For dinner, the restaurant only serves a la carte, which is quite a costly meal.  Prices of a la carte dishes are extremely expensive, higher than many fancy Gourmet Chinese restaurants in Bangkok.  So, if you don’t have any discounts, you would end up paying more that what you get.  Details of the a la carte can be found in the tab menu as usual, please feel free to browse through it. 

I am reviewing on the Dim Sum for 950 Baht, net price but not included the drinks or hot tea (Tea with free-refills cost 120 Baht).  When I was there, I had the SCB credit card to absorb 30% of the total price.  You can also order Dim Sum as a la carte for 100 Baht per bucket.  For the Buffet Dim Sum, there were about 20 choices.  Details of the Dim Sum menu can be seen in the tab menu as usual. 

Dim Sum of the Silk Road @ Plaza Athenee is absolutely delicious.  You won’t be disappointed with the quality and the taste of this five-star restaurant.  Choices that I liked more were the Kanom Jeeb (Shrimp Shumai) and Ha-kao (Dumpling); both were made with great size, almost too big for a bite- lol…  Another good one was the steamed Hima fish with Tao Shoyu; good bite size, fresh, soft texture, and perfectly matched the soy bean sauce.  Almost forgot about the crabmeat and the shrimp in karee (yellow curry); both were so wonderful.  Other choices like rice buns and crispy fried stuffs were plain simple but still fairly delicious.  

Honestly I would have been more impressed with my lunching experience, if there were fewer customers.  The whole restaurant was completely full during my visit; I had to wait so long for all the food.  I got there at noon and I didn’t get the Noodles stuffed with red pork until 14.30 but it was one of the first dishes that I ordered.  Sounds frustrating, doesn’t it?  I should have known to not come on a holiday. 

The food was great.  Silk Road surely served one of the most delicious Buffet Dim Sum in town.  If you get a chance, you should try it out for yourself.  Be sure to come on workdays instead of Saturdays or holidays, so you won’t get tired of waiting for the food like I did. 

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