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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tensho Yakitori - Siam Square, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Tensho Yakitori - Siam Square (Japanese Restaurant)

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   3.5/5

Tensho Yakitori Japanese Restaurant on BuMRes.om

The Tensho Yakitori is a Japanese restaurant, as much as the name is telling the place mainly serves the grilled goodies on skewers.  Located on the fourth floor of the Digital Gateway at Siam Square, I had strolled pass the place and I always found the place so empty, so I wonder why it is still in business.  I finally understood why on the day of my review.  This place actually has plenty of customers during the meal time (lunch and dinner).  I must have always walked by there in the late afternoon, so I missed the heavy lunch crowd.  

Besides the grilling highlights, the Tensho Yakitori also has Udon, Curry rice and a handful selection of lunch sets.  For more details of their offer, please find the tab menu as usual.  Ordering method is easy, a piece of paper menu and a pencil are given, so you can mark your pick and pass on to their staff whenever you are ready.  I thought that the food was slow but not so bad, if I were to consider the amount of guests in the restaurant.  

I mostly ordered the Yakitori specialties since it is their expertise.  Overall, the grilled goodies were surprisingly delicious especially the one with a recommended star.  Other dishes that I ordered were the curry rice, hotpot, sushi, and a salad.  These four choices were also really tasty.  I could easily say that this place is as good as Fuji or other mainstream Japanese franchises. 

As I enjoy the Yakitori at Tensho, I started to think about how the Japanese can stick food on skewers and easily sell it in restaurants across the world.  And then I consider how the Thai specialties on skewers in the street such as the Moo Ping, Moo Satay, or Meatballs can also be upgraded to a higher standard and these earthy Thai goodies could go long way. 

Tensho Yakitori is a great spot for a nice lunch or a quick dinner with friends after school or work.  These off the grills goodies are so great with beers.  The combination can loosen up the tension for city people greatly.  Whenever you found yourself in the Siam Square area, I recommend to check out this spot. 

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