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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lao Lee Shark Fin - Yaowarat, Bangkok (Eng Version)

 Lao Lee Shark Fin - Yaowarat, China Town, Bangkok
Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

Overall Score 8/10
Taste 4.5/5
Ambiance 2/5
Service 3/5
Value 3/5

Lao Lee Shark Fin Gourmet Chinese at Yaowarat on BuMRes.com

Prior to the existence of many eating streets in Bangkok (Thonglor, Aree) or even in Chiang Mai (Nimman-Haemin) today, there was one original street that was there from the very beginning and still holds its strong character.  Everyone will agree that it is Yaowarat or China Town of Thailand.  If you were to look about ten years back, nothing had changed at all.  It is the one way street with all kinds of shops and stalls along both sides, as well as restaurants of all sorts from noodle shop to the top end gourmet Chinese.  The restaurant that I am about to review has been around for several decades (not established on Yaowarat but their original spot was only around the corner).  The place is called Lao Lee Shark Fin @ Yaowarat. 

Lao Lee Shark Fin has been my family’s usual spot at Yaowarat.  I have been to this place more than any other places in this area.  I have no idea why my family prefers this place.  The price is cheaper compared to other top notch Chinese restaurants.  Variety in the menu here is less than other gourmet Chinese spot nearby, but there are plenty of menus to please everyone in the family.  Please see the full list of the menu in the tab menu as usual.  

Going to the Shark Fin restaurant, how can we leave without having the Shark Fin soup?  The first menu was the Shark Fin soup with crab meat for 800 Baht, served in a good sized hotpot enough to share with four or five people.  I think Shark Fin soup is good everywhere.  The difference is only slightly in the flavor of the broth, which isn’t so significant.  Second one is my favorite and a highlight of the Lao Lee, the Stir-fried Sea Bamboo with Chinese Kale.  This dish was expensive, 500 Baht.  The restaurant stir fried Sea Bamboo with the oyster sauce; so delicious, reminds me of eating scallops.  Third dish was the Stir-fried Scallops with X.O. sauce.  We had never had this choice before and it was a mistake since it was just weird and not delicious.  And four other dishes are our usual menus; Crab fried rice, Shumai, Oysters in gravy, and Stir-fried noodles.  All of these four choices were so good as always.  As far back as I can remember, Lao Lee’s specialties looked and tasted the same as today.  Especially the Crab Fried rice; with large pieces of crab meat, it is the best fried rice you can get for only 200 Baht.   

For a party of four, the total came to 2,340 Baht, so about 600 Baht per person.  Overall, this Chinese meal was as amazing as always.  For anyone looking to have Shark Fin and reasonably priced Chinese food, I personally recommend the Lao Lee at Yaowarat.  

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