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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Liit Italian Restaurant - K-Village, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Inversus Italian Restaurant @ K-Village, Bangkok (Now change the name to The Liit)

Overall Score 8/10
Taste 5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5 
Service 4.5/5
Value  3/5

The Liit Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

Note: Previously named Inversus, now the new name is the Liit, offering everything the same as before; similar menu with lower price.  Please find my new review of the Liit in the Blog or the Web as you wish.

Many of you may have already heard of the Michelin Star restaurants; one star, two star, and three star.  Basically Michelin Star is a reward given to restaurants to guarantee the greatness in which can be divided into four levels.  Lowest is the Rising Star (I believe it is called as so).  A restaurant that can hold the rising star for at least one year up to two years, it will earn a one Michelin Star reward.  For one star restaurants – if you happened to be near one, it doesn’t hurt to try.  For two star restaurants – it is worth the travel to experience the two star rated places, if it wasn’t across the world.  And lastly, the three star restaurants – it is the best of the best restaurants.  If you could afford it, you would probably swim across the ocean to experience it and it will be worthwhile.  Michelin Star marks supremacy within the restaurant industry worldwide.  The reward is trustworthy and it is the world’s most renowned restaurant rating.  Judged by selected committees of several worlds’ famous food professionals, one restaurant is being critiqued one at a time.  Michelin Star restaurant are found only in big cities such as Tokyo, London, Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. where Michelin guide book is published.  Bangkok still doesn’t have any Michelin star restaurants.  What city do you think has the most Three Michelin Star restaurants?  Tik-tok-tik-tok… the answer is Tokyo! I am not sure how many restaurants but I know that the record is more than double the number of the first runner-up, Paris.  This is telling us something about Japanese people; how they work so hard to be best at what they do. 

The Michelin Star is only given to the restaurant but majority of the time, the Head Chef of the restaurant will also benefit from the given rating and become accredited with stars automatically.  One great example is Gordon Ramsey (the owner of the show, Hell Kitchen) with most stars collected (10 to 12 stars, I believe).  So much for the Michelin talk, I refer to the Michelin stars so much because the restaurant that I am reviewing was established by two 1-Star chefs; the place is called the Inversus @ K-Village.  As far as my knowledge goes, there are three restaurants in Thailand that has Michelin star chefs as their founders, which are Inversus, Kiin Kiin @ Siam Kempinsky, and Nahm @ Metropolitan (I believe the original in London has got the Stars taken off).  If any of you know more of these of restaurants, please share with me.  Sometimes upscale restaurants in Thailand would invite Michelin star chefs (3-star) as a guest chef for a week to create a special course for the customers.  Le Normandie @ Mandarin Oriental is a great example.     

About time I start commenting on the Inversus.  This fine Italian restaurant has been opened for a short while, since 2010.  Just like many fine Italian restaurant, where concentration is on the quality more than quantity, so only a few selected dishes are in the menu and changes seasonally.  Some favorite dishes will stay and others will be replaced.  My visit was during the spring season, the menu of the season is available for your view in the tab menu.  Price range of the Inversus is considered quite expensive compared to other restaurants in the K-Village.  But, when compared to other fancy French or Italian restaurants in luxurious hotels, food prices are more reasonable.  The bill at the Inversus may be lower because there is no VAT or Service charge.  This is unbelievable, isn’t it? For a restaurant of this kind with no additional charges; prices you see in the menu is the net price.     

I was there with my mother for lunch on Saturday.  There was nobody else at the Inversus @ K-village when we got there and throughout our two hours meal.  The whole restaurant was pretty much a private place for us.  The attraction was the set menu at lunch time.  We each ordered a set and shared one main course and a dessert.  My soup coming in the set was an Onion Soup.  My soup was delicious but my mother’s choice was even better.  It was a Shrimp Soup with a heavy broth.  For appetizers, mine was a Salad.  I am not what kind it was exactly; it was so beautifully presented and tasteful.  A charming aspect of this salad was the long Thai chilies, which made this salad a spicy one.  It wasn’t too spicy – the flavor was well balanced and aromatic like I had never experienced before.  For the Main course, we both had pastas (but steaks and other choices were also available in the menu).  My choice was Ravioli of something, which was not as impressive as the appetizer and soup.  My mother had the Spaghetti Cabonara.  She seemed to like it a lot.  

An additional Main course was a fish menu; I don’t remember the name exactly.  Presentation was stunning and tasted amazing.  I really loved this menu.  And in the end, we had a dessert that was created by the Michelin chefs (they weren’t there on my visit).  A Vanilla ice-cream with almonds; it was really enjoyable.  I was so impressed with this dessert. 

Total bill was about 1,000 Baht per person.  My lunch experience at the Inversus was impressive; all dishes were delectable and presented great Italian cuisine delicacies.  In terms of customer service, staffs still needed more discipline.  They were a little bit shaky but they were nice.  And for the atmosphere, the place was decorated with class.  Being the only table was good for privacy, made us feel somewhat lonely but special like we owned the place.  I would personally recommend Inversus for special occasion; great food and priced lower than most five-star hotel restaurants. 

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