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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mai Kitchen Japanese - Thonglor, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Mai Kitchen (Japanese Restaurant) Thonglor 

Overall Score  6.5/10
Taste  3.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value  3/5

Mai Kitchen - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Mai Kitchen had a deal selling through the web, which I happened to found not too long ago.  This deal discount was pretty special, 1,000 Baht coupon for 360 Baht so I bought two of them.  Resided underneath the Somerset Hotel, I believe.  Or, is it a serviced apartment? Anyways, the place was located not too far into Soi Thonglor.  BTS is a good choice of transportation but if you wanted to drive, many parking spots are available for restaurant’s customers for four hours – free of charge.  Atmosphere of the Mai Kitchen is basic with open air dining area.  With the breeze from being high on the building, the city heat wouldn’t be much of a problem.  The infinity pool was a modern aspect added to the chill atmosphere.   Overall design is perfect for a romantic night with your partner as well as to please your business associates.  Service might not match the luxurious hotel but you will surely be taken care with kindness.  

Offering of the Mai Kitchen @ Somerset Hotel was a combination of Japanese and Italian specialties, I thought.  I was imagining toward the Japanese culinary more when I looked up about the place.  Some dishes were more expensive than mainstream’s but certain picks from the Sushi menu was actually cheaper than most, such as Salmon roe nigiri pair for 140 Baht (smaller bites).  Impression of this fusion spot was directed toward the alcoholic drinks when I found the extensive choices of fancy cocktails.  Please find the complete details of the menu in the tab menu and usual.   

Timing wasn’t right for me to order too much food since I just had a late lunch earlier that day.  First choice was the Salmon Sashimi; we got a great size bite and it tasted fresh, but too bad that it was a bit overpriced (280 Baht).  Second one was the Assortment Sashimi Salad that I thought it was too tangy to be an enjoyable eat.  Portion of the Sashimi was also too little.  Next one was the Okonomiyaki for 300 Baht; I thought it was too spicy.  However, its deliciousness made up for the high price; goodies were given excessively.  I really would have liked this dish a lot more, if it was less expensive.  The rest of my order were mostly Sushis, comprised of Uni Roe, Salmon Roe, Salmon, California roll, stuffed Cod Roe, etc.  Overall quality of the seafood products was nice and fresh.  But, with my background with premium Japanese, this place was incomparable.  Oh well, Mai Kitchen’s price was definitely lower than the premium shop.   

For the easy dinner at Mai Kitchen at Somerset Hotel - Thonglor, total was 2,600 Baht.  In addition to the 2x 360, we paid only 600 Baht extra.  Without the deal, I’d consider this dinner to be a bit pricey.  Atmosphere was surly added to the price.  The set up is more suitable for a night life with friends to essentially sip on cocktails, nibble on snacks, and chill under the night sky.  Mai Kitchen can host private pool parties, in case you are interested.  I am sure they will be great at it.   

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