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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cafe & ETC by Kloset - Thonglor, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Cafe & ETC by Kloset (Fusion Restaurant) , Thonglor

Overall Score  7.5/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  3/5
Value   2.5/5

Cafe & Etcetera by Kloset - Internation Restaurant on BuMRes.com

The Café & Etcetera is a newly opened restaurant (opened up during the Thai New Year 2011) and also belongs to the same owner as the famous clothing store, the Kloset (but I don’t know it).  The restaurant is located on the Thonglor 10, near a Ramen Champion shop.  Four or five parking spaces are readily available.  But in case these are taken, more parking is available at the TOA across the street.  Stylish decorations are so beautiful and lovely; the girls will be pleased to see it.  There weren’t too many people when I was there, so the only their first floor was enough to hold up the customers; though the place had two stories.  

Café & Etcetera is a cool name, I thought.  With the name sounded very international, I was expected to find international foods.  It turned out; their offerings were Thai, Japanese, and European Asian fusion.  There were not too many dishes to choose from menu but they surely had plenty of interesting dishes for you to try.  The full menu is available for your viewing in the menu section as usual.  I was part of a party of four, so we ordered all kinds of dishes to share.  First one was the Onion Rings; crispy and fat round rings were tasty.  Second was also a snack, Salmon Larb (Spicy Thai Salmon Salad).  I liked how they mix and match the more international core ingredient with the Thai seasonings.  This one was good but it was nothing that impressive. 

The third one served was a main dish, which was a rice plate with fried pork and green curry.  This one looked very much like the typical Thai green curry over rice, found anywhere.  The flavor was of course, authentic.  Second main dish was the baked spinach with cheese.  A delicious one; may be because it was my favorite menu.   Third main dish was Pasta with Salmon roe.  This one was too spicy than it should be and the appearance was rather awkward but overall, it was enjoyable.  One more comment was about the pasta; it was kind of dry.  The fourth main dish was recommended by the server, a Japanese curry over Cheesy Tonkatsu.  Its similarity to the traditional style appeared so appetizing; fat and slightly glutinous rice, crispy golden Tonkatsu, and the spicy aromatic curry sauce.  But, the taste was plain simple; nothing unique about it.  I prefer the curry from the CoCo Ichibanya.  And lastly was the stew Ox tongue, which was quite delicious.  I liked this final dish the most.  

The bill totaled to 1,526 Baht with the VAT and service charge include.  Fortunately we received a 20% discount for coming during the grand opening period.  For my lunch at the Café & Etcetera @ Thonglor 10 was fairly satisfying.  In my opinion, this place is better for an easygoing lunch than a full course dinner due to the atmosphere and the style of the food served.  Interior design was playful and more suitable for younger crowd.  Whoever is fond of the fashion by the Kloset Shop, check out this restaurant; you may enjoy the feminine character of Café & Etcetera.  

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