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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mai Bakery in Garden - Chiang Mai (Eng Version)

Mai Bakery (in the garden) - Chiang Mai
Coffees, Teas, Cakes, Ice-creams

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  3/5
Value   3.5/5

Mai Bakery - Chiang Mai on BumRes.com

The Mai Bakery in Garden is in Chiang Mai.  I have seen reviews of this place many times.  From what I heard this is the spot for girls to take photos.  I finally understand when I got to the place.  The young and lovely design of the Bakery was perfect for photography, both indoor and outdoor.   On a nice day, I am sure the girls will pose for the camera with no sweats.  As you can tell by the name, this place mainly serves sweets and drinks but they also have some single serving dishes available.  

Selection of Beverages at the Mai Bakery in Garden may not be as extensive as you would expect but they have plenty of colorful and creative choices.  For desserts, they had all kinds of cake and ice-cream.  I wonder if they were homemade.  All the goodies prices are friendly.  Price range for the drinks here were around 40-60 Baht.  Ice-creams were only 50 Baht a scoop and cakes were 70-80 Baht a slice.  You will never find this kind of prices in Bakeries in Bangkok.  

Mai Bakery’s offerings were considered average to above average; not as distinctive as the atmosphere.  I had an iced Green Tea, which was tasty and refreshing.  My friends’s coffees were plain simple.  For the ice-cream, some flavors were better than others depending on your preference, really.  I personally like the Choc-Mint flavor the most.  My friends and I shared a piece of cake.  I believe it was a Choco Lava; sweet and yummy.  Everything was good enough to enjoy relaxing moments with your company.  

The Mai Bakery in Garden was one of the many lovely and artistic shops in Chiang Mai. (Why are there so many places of this style?)  This particular spot was perfect for chilling with friends, to kill time or snapping away shots of memories as much as for spending quality time with your partner.  The place had a sign saying, no photographs on the weekend.  I assume that the place gets busy on the weekend, so if you want to have more privacy for photos then find some time to go on the weekdays. 

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