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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chabuton Japanese Ramen - Central Plaza Ladprao, Bangkok

CHABUTON - Japanese Ramen
Former TV Champions Chef - Central Plaza Ladprao

Overall Score  8/10
Taste  4/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Chabuton TV Champion Ramen on Bumres.com

Many of you may already know about the Chabuton Ramen.  This Ramen Chain brand became famous with the Chef that won in the show, TV Champion.  It was so popular during that time.  I got a chance to come here again for an early dinner.  This visit was at the Central Ladprao store.  Chabuton is located at the basement level.  Precise location is hard to tell, so please find your way around in the maze-like shopping zone at the underground level.  It’s next to the Wawa, Taiwanese Chain restaurant, which I will also review for you all in the near future.   Being in business with Central, the Chabuton’s business is far beyond successful.  I believe you can find Chabuton at almost every Central shopping plaza in Bangkok. 

Chabuton’s staff was greeting us at the front.  I really like it when the service is welcome customers like this.  With the friendly faces of the service team and the welcoming attitude, the place was close to full.  The place wasn’t so big; I assume there were only about twenty tables.  Seating was comfortable with just enough privacy, if you were sitting in the booth.  Clean and simply decorated, a character found at food chain stores of successful brands. 

The menu was colorful with pictures of all the selections.  To me, it was hard to choose because all of them looked so appetizing.  Not too many choices but just enough to choose from.  Prices were reasonable for Japanese ramen, around 200 Baht per bowl.  Although, I think it would be pricey for Thai people to have lunch here, comparing to 40-50 Baht bowls for noodle soup in the food court nearby. 

I was there with one friend.  We each ordered our own bowl and one more to share.  My choice was Kara kara Tonkotsu Ramen (195 Baht), it is a pork ribs stock broth with Chachu pork and the minced pork in chili paste.  To be honest the look was better than the taste.  The broth was rather bland, so I had to add some soy sauce, sesame oil, and chili powder.  Afterward, the taste was better, more intense.  There was a side of chopped white scallions, which was my friend’s idea; great addition to all of the ramen.  

Two other choices were Shio Tonkotsu Chashumen (245 Baht) and Wafu Hiyashi Torisoba (170 Baht).  First was my friend’s.  When I tried the broth, I was a bit jealous of how delicious and savory it was.  The Shio broth was awesome.  Next time I would go for Shio or Miso broth.  Chachu pork was the same as the Kara kara, tender with fatty layer- so yummy.  I always wonder how this kind of pork is prepared.  Every ramen places I go to, it is very frustrating to find only one or two pieces of the Chachu pork.  The latter one for share, served cold with cold chicken ramen.  It was an old Japanese style Ramen, not a soupy one.  The freshly chopped of vegetable toppings were so delightful.  Heavily seasoned broth at the bottom was precious- so yummy.  I’d recommend this one to all try.  I’m not sure if you will find the Wafu next time since it was on the special menu. 

A lot of you may have the same impression as I do with the franchise restaurants that the quality deceases as more new stores open up.  However, Chabuton somehow managed to cater the consistency for high quality ingredients, good service, and delicious ramen bowls.  I am glad that my friend and I chose to eat here the other night.  I hope the Chabuton continues to be impressive as so since good ramen would be a great choice among all the boring franchises in the shopping mall. 

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