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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sambal - Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok (Eng Version)

 SAMBAL - Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service   4/5
Value  4.5/5

Sambal Asian Dining - Royal Orchid Sheraton, Bangkok

The Sambal is a Balinese restaurant? Or is it just a South East Asian, official restaurant of the Royal Orchid Sheraton @ Charoenkrung 30.  Prior to my visit, I tried to gather information about this place but I couldn’t find anything much.  With my 50% discount card, what more can I ask for.  So, I went to the Sambal with my mother.  The place could easily serve twenty parties but it was empty when I got there.  However, the open air seating on the riverfront has three or four tables.   Since there were many customers, service team only has three servers taking care of everyone.  They all seemed to be overworked but the service was fine; they were polite and attentive. 

According to their website, the Sambal is serving South East Asian Cooking.  A culinary style influenced by Malay, Indo, and southern Thai.  Please see the details of the menu in the tab menu.  After browsing through the menu at the place, I was rather lost in trying to imagine what the menu may turn out.  So, I just went for the ones with signature icons.  We ordered a total of six dishes. 

First one was the Green mix salad with Tiger prawn and Scallops.  I was so stunned by the splendid presentation.  This one tasted as good as it appeared.  Prawns and Scallops were so fresh and they were great with the Avocado.  But, the dressing was too sour.  Second dish looked like a salad; three tiny piles of vegetables mix on the plate.  I loved the corn mix pile the most.  After two dishes of the new Balinese food experience, I am starting to like it and eager to discovery more.  

Soon after the salad, the Sambal brought out the Bali Bouilabaisse to the table.  This one is supposed to be a Balinese style soup, thick and spicy broth with seafood assortment.  The great portion in the large bowl was awesome because this soup was so delicious.  Almost as good as the Italian dish I just had at the Giorgio’s.  Three more dishes were the Main dish.  First was the Roasted duck breast Balinese style.  If I weren’t at this place, I would have no idea that this dish was a Balinese specialty.  I mean, it looked so much like a French dish.  This one was amazing; tender duck breast, tasty veggies side, and the savory sauce.  All elements came together perfectly.  Second was the smoked Travally Fish, nice appetizing charcoal aroma was interesting.  Vegetable on the side was weird but tasteful.  This fish menu was impressive.  Lastly was the Indonesian stir-fry.  Contexts were similar to the Pad Thai noodles but with an imported Indonesian noodles.  The noodles were similar to instant noodles but thicker and had a heavier texture.  I liked it.  My impression was probably similar to foreigners eating Pad Thai for the first time. 

Overall, the meal cost around 2,000 Baht.  One thing that we shouldn’t have ordered was the large bottle of Mineral water (honestly I would have been okay with filtered tap water).  The experience was impressive; delicious food, reasonable prices, good service, and great atmosphere.  Most importantly, the new experience to the exotic Balinese style culinary was an adventurous.  Presentation of all dish were comparable to the French or Italian cuisine.  For any of you, who are interested in experiencing an extraordinary meal, check out the Sambal @ Royal Orchid Sheraton. 

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