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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bamboo Chic - Le Meridian Hotel, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Bamboo Chic - Le Meridian Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste  4/5
Ambiance 5/5
Service 4.5/5
Value  4/5

Bamboo Chic - Le Meridian, Bangkok on BumRes.com

I have always wondered about how five-star hotels in Bangkok decide how many official restaurants they should have to service their customers.  Some have only one or two – some have at least four restaurants of different nationalities.  I guess the size of the hotel doesn’t determine whether or not the hotel can receive a five-star rating.  Because, if so, there could be a standard for hotels of similar class to follow, such as all five star hotels must have at least four restaurants – or something like that.  The Bamboo Chic @ Le Meridian that I am reviewing now is one of the four official restaurants of the Le Meridian on Surawong Road.  Three other spots include one International Buffet and two other bars.  The Bamboo Chic serves the Oriental Fusion.  This particular five star hotel and a few other of the same class that I have gone to, each has their own random concepts for their official restaurants (in terms of how many and what type). 

On my first time at the Bamboo Chic @ Le Meridian, I expected to order a la carte.  However, I found out that they also offer a Buffet.  I had to take a peak in the line before choosing.  After browsing through, I wasn’t interested so I went with the a la carte (I forgot to ask about the Buffet price).  Their a la carte choices mainly focused on the Japanese, Thai, and Indo (I guess) Cuisines.  In terms of food, there weren’t many dishes to choose from.  But, the drink menu was so much more extensive, more than the food selection.  I didn’t take too long to order.  Shortly afterward, the complimentary dish was served; Roti bread with Indian Curry.  And then the rest of food arrived soon after.  

First dish was the Salmon with Caramel sauce, (supposed to be a main dish) which was definitely delicious; the Salmon was nice and fresh.  With the sweet touch of the caramel, this tiny Salmon fillet became precious.  The only problem with this dish was its portion.  Second dish was the Green Chicken Curry (Kang Keow Wan).  This one was so beautifully presented. (See the photo)  We each got a bowl of rice to go with the mains.  Honestly, this was my first Kang Keow Wan in a fancy hotel.  And it was supremely delicious; well deserved to be in this luxurious hotel.  Third dish was the crispy spring roll.  I can’t remember what they named it exactly but it was intensely flavorsome with the sauce on the side.  Fourth one was the soup in a pot that poured out to only a few cups, what a delish teaser it was.  Last one was the Dragon Roll.  It seemed to take long to serve and it was disappointing.  The roll was small and there was so little eel.  The taste was no better than other Dragon Rolls elsewhere; nothing impressive.

The bill totaled to about 1,800 Baht.  I received 50% discount from the Starwood card.  With the discount, this meal was well worth it.  The Bamboo Chic has a modern design and Chic just like the name.  I give full score for the atmosphere and service.  In terms of tastiness, I kind of expected it to be more delicious.  Don’t get me wrong, the five dishes were still yummy and satisfying.  My overall experience at the Bamboo Chic was enjoyable.  So, if any of you are looking for chic and romantic atmosphere, the Bamboo Chic @ Le Meridian Hotel would be a good choice for you.  

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