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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wine Pub - Pub & Restaurant @ Pullman Kingpower Hotel, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Wine Pub - Pub & Restaurant @ Pullman Kingpower Hotel, Bangkok- Buffet, Wine Bar, Phaya Thai, Soi Rangnam

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

Wine Pub at Pullman King Power Hotel on www.bumres.com

The Wine Pub @ Pullman Kingpower Hotel offered good experiences to me in the past.  I reviewed this place a while ago.  As far as I can remember, I gave a real good score since I really enjoyed the young and lively atmosphere as much as the reasonably priced food and wine.  And there is no need to mention about their top notch service.  The time had come I go back there for a review once more.  The Wine Pub offers their best as the name states.  Their selection of Wine is vast as serving wine is their expertise.  Their European side dishes were also fancy and tasty.  Along with the hip beats in the dimmed lighting space, the good wine really kept me in good attitude and made me feel like I was in a European Pub.  The place is resided on the second floor of the Pullman Hotel in the Kingpower Complex on Rangnam road.  Their main group of customers is the Chinese people and I believe hotel staffs here must speak Chinese as a minimum requirement for a third language.

The Wine Pub @ Pullman Hotel, Bangkok seemed to always have attractive promotion to offer.  In fact they have 7 different special for everyday of the week.  I am unsure whether or not the place had changed their seven days specials already since my last visit last year.  To be specific, on this visit (February of 2012) Monday is Mussel Night; Tuesday is All you can eat Pasta + Bottle of house wine (last visit was Tuesday as well as this visit -*-) ; Wednesday is Coq Au Vin + 2 glasses of house wine ; Thursday is 5 cheese + 5 cold cuts + 1 bottle of house wine ; Friday is a set of 2 burgers (shrimp and wagyu beef) + 1 bottle of house wine ; Saturday is all you can eat tapas + 1 bottle of house wine ; Sunday is Seafood Platter + 2 glasses of Prosecco.  Interesting promotional set is offering to you differently each day of the week attracts many young crowd and lively group of friends, so pick the day that most suits your cravings. If you like the buffet, go there on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  The promotion price is the same everyday, 990 Baht.  Wine pub is rocking until 2am but the promotion ends at 10pm, so catch your favorites before having to pay for the pricey a la carte.  The full description of the menu is available to you in the tab menu (menu from last year)

Since I arrived to the restaurant about a quarter to ten o’clock, we couldn’t catch the special promotion.  We just ordered a bottle of wine, three choices of Tapas, and one a la carte to share.  Our wine pick was good for me.  I don’t know much about wine, so please see the label in the photo.  The tapas (European side dish found mainly in Spain, small serving to go with the alcoholic beverages like any other nations), that we had were simple and plain.  Our main dish was the Beef Lasagna was rather expensive, 490 Baht but the serving size was amazingly large and the tasted so supremely delicious (but so fattening T_T)

Our cool and lively dinner at the Wine Pub @ Pullman Kingpower Hotel on the Rangnam Road was quality and satisfying.  Too bad that we missed the promotion otherwise we would have been grubbing more happily and more quantity.  I don’t know why the server ignored our table, so let me take a point of off the service- okay? With the growing numbers of Wine bar in Bangkok, the Wine Pub is still an outstanding choice for me due to its special deal (during the given time frame) and the atmosphere.  Wine lovers must enjoy this spot for sure, so come get your grooves on till 2pm.

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