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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hanaya Japanese Restaurant - Si Phraya, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Hanaya Japanese Restaurant Bangkok- Si Phraya

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   4/5

The Hanaya is an aged Japanese restaurant, opened since 1976 in an old town – Si Phraya.  For the longest time, this place has its reputation among my food critic friends but I never had the chance to review.  One reason was the location, it is kind of far from my house.   Driving there could be hectic since there is only a few parking spots.  Moreover, I assume parking would be more difficult during the prime time.    

I was there on Sunday evening.  Surely I had expected to find a full house and I was right.  As I opened the front door, there were about ten people waiting at the hostess counter.  Fortunately I had reserved a table ahead of the time, so I got the table immediately without having to wait.  Due to the amount of guests, the food was slow and the customer service was less than impressing.  However the overall experience was definitely acceptable (so crowded that I couldn’t capture photos of the dining area).

Hanaya offers a great variety of the Japanese cuisine.  The complete selection includes the Bento sets, Sashimi, Deep-frieds, and side dishes.  All of Japanese dishes you can think of, Hanaya's menu has the offerings.  A full descriptive menu is available for your consideration in the tab menu as usual.

I would like to sum up the list of our orders in short since we ordered so many dishes.  If I commented each of them individually, it would be too extensive and turn into a boring read.  My orders of Sushi and Sashimi were truly impressive in terms of taste, freshness, and quality (but I felt that the food was a bit pricey).  The sets were delicious; higher than standard.  If compared to Fuji, this place has much more authenticity.  And it is better than Fuji.  Grilled and fried fish were tasty but may not be the best to match the modern Japanese restaurants.  Though all of the Japanese specialties served here were greatly enjoyable.

After 35 years of experience, the Hanaya truly has the guts to represent their greatness.  They wouldn’t have been around for this long if they didn’t possess any outstanding characters of an authentic Japanese restaurant.  The deliciousness and the quality may not be the best of the best but with this price range, the exchange is more than worthwhile.  For any of you who is near the Si Phraya and never been to the Hanaya, I suggest to check it out and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.  For other who are not within the area; if you could fine a chance to be in this area, Hanaya will impress you with the rare dishes that you can’t find at most Japanese franchises.  The aged and worn in contexts expressed distinctive and classics atmosphere in which you will never find at any contemporary Japanese places.  If you find this restaurant review and the photos attractive, just make you Hanaya meal happens.  Personally, I would probably come back for a full option Sashimi at their Sushi Bar.

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