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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bistro Soba Q - Sukhumvit 41 (Eng Version)

Soba Q - Japanese Restaurant Sukhumvit 41, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

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When finding a Japanese place that serves only Soba noodle in Thailand, I must say that I can’t think of one at all.  However, in Japan there are so many places specializing in one particular dish such as Soba, Udon, Unagi Rice, Tempura, and etc.  A practice commonly found in the Japanese culture where one aims to master solely on a single field of expertise.  Mastering is a discipline toward achievement that Thai people lack of.  If you consider restaurants in Thailand, a place serving only one type of dish is uncommon.  Many Thai places tend to serve as many dishes as possible so customers can choose what they want.  At Soba Q (Q is spelled with Japanese Conji, same as the number 9), the name I thought they would specialize on Soba noodles like what I would find in Japan.  Instead they serve all the Japanese dishes that you can think of.  I believe it is because the place is in Thailand and Thai people like variety.  So if they only serve Soba, they would probably go out of business.

The Soba Q is located in an area which is difficult to reach with public transportation.  Being in the Sukhumvit Soi 41, which is kind of in the middle between two BTS stations, the place resides even further into the Soi (about half a kilometer).  Then if you have a car, you might have a hard time finding a parking spot.  Often times, you would probably have to depend on your luck the spots in front of the place.  I went there for lunch and I was lucky to get a primo parking spot.  The Soba Q is a small but cozy Japanese restaurant with a clean comfortable atmosphere.  There are bar seating, interior, and patio; a few tables for each seating areas.  Was there a second story seating? I am not sure.  Greeting with cold towels and iced water was welcoming; a Japanese tradition.  The menu is available for your viewing in the tab menu as usual.  As I said earlier, the menu has a vast selection of Japanese dishes for you to pick.

Actually we are at a Soba Joint, should we order only Soba noodles? I couldn’t resist the diversity of attractive Japanese favorites.  The first order was the Sizzling chicken veggies for 200 Baht +-, which was a good choice.  Saltiness of the chicken and the browned veggies were a harmony.  Next one was the Shrimp in Mayonnaise Salad (also around 200 Baht).  When the dish came on the table, I was puzzled why I ordered it at a Japanese place since I could find this one at any Thai restaurants.  Just like the appearance, nothing special about the shrimp salad.  The Soba Q did it right with ease.  

The third one was the highlight of this meal.  A cold Soba with tempura flakes and veggies (250 Baht) came with a satisfying portion.  Soba’s bowl was as big as a small tub.  Condiments (Sauce, Wasabi, Scallions, Yolk, Cucumber, Pickles, and Radish) covered the Soba, the technique was to mix them all up.  Now that I had everything united, the delicious began on the very first mouthful.  I was so amazed by this one, what a great Soba.  I had never had Soba in Thailand this good.  I chow down the happy bowl speechlessly.  The other plate was the grilled Sanma served in a set.  It was my mother’s favorite pick; every Japanese places she couldn’t order other dishes beside the grilled fish selection like Saba, Sanma, or Salmon.  She seemed to be so fond of them.  Her comment was that the rice was not a good grade (not so good) and the fish was well cooked.  So, the non-Soba dish didn’t pass.  

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The Soba Q @ Sukhumvit 41, the name speaks for their expertise so the Soba shall definitely be promising for our impression.  You would probably ask us why we ordered other dishes besides Soba.  Truly this place had the proper name.  My Soba was fantastic.  For any of you who are a Soba lover, you can’t miss this Soba joint.  I thought the price was a bit high and the place was a bit hard to get to but the bowl of Soba made it all worthwhile.  I recommend the Soba here for sure.

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