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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red Sky Rooftop Restaurant @ Centara Grand, Central World, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Red Sky Rooftop Restaurant @ Centara Grand @ Central World Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  2/5
Value   2/5

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In the city of Bangkok, there are not many restaurants on the skyscraper’s rooftops.  I know three places of the top of my head, which are Vertigo @ Banyan Tree Hotel, Sirocco @ Lebua Hotel, and Red Sky @ Centara Grand.  The last one of which, I am about to review.  Actually there are more than three places, but most of them are not on top of a skyscraper (some are less than ten stories up and others are just over twenty stories).  The three mentioned are above 50 stories up.  For the Red Sky, the place is split into 3 major zones.  Level 55 is a fine dining restaurant, separated into interior and exterior dining areas.  For the 56th, which is the very top of the building, is a great open-aired bar.  At night time, I believe it is the hang out spot for people from the high society.  Then the 54th is where a restaurant named Fifty Five is located.  This one is similar to 55th but their focus is mainly on the Steak.  This one I have already reviewed, so you can search for my review in this website.  

The Red Sky @ Centara Grand offers the picturesque view of the sunset and being one of the places in town with the greatest atmosphere for any special occasion, which surely reflect on the high prices.  Concentration of food here is European Fusion served with the fanciest plating presentation and a limited portion.  For the descriptive list of the menu (on the particular day), please find the tab menu.  

On the day that I went, the customer service was frustrating.  I happened to go on Friday evening and the place was quite busy.  The service staffs seemed to be a bit overload due to an inadequate amount of labor; so difficult to call for service, to get the drinks, to clear up the table, or to even order the food in the beginning.  In case we consider each staff of their skills and knowledge, they were no doubt deserved to be in any five star hotels.  The Wind Cellar was a communal one with the restaurant below us, the Fifty Five.  This beautiful cellar was huge and located to high up.  I was wondering how they would retrieve the wines.  Then I saw what they called, the “Wine Angel” hanging to a cable and rose to the cellar.  Too bad it was too dark to capture the moment of the show for you all to see.  Cool idea on the tactical wine fetching.

Seeing many couples enjoying their romantic moments up here at the Red Sky @ the Centara Grand, CTW, I was a bit jealous since I went with my brother.  For the two of us, we didn’t order too much; two appetizers and two main dishes, that’s all.  The appetizers were the Thinly sliced King Fish (595 Baht) and the Seafood Risotto & Mediterranean Vegetables (595 Baht).  The first one, King Fish reminded me of the Sashimi since we had raw fish, pickled beetroot, and wasabi.  Only the soy sauce was missing, otherwise it would be a Japanese dish.  About the Seafood Risotto was so delicious and perfect in every way.  It was the right Risotta, not too saucy and not too dry.  The taste was well balanced, tasty and savory.  So great, best one I have had.  

The main courses were the Halibut with Crisp Potato skin (1355 Baht) and the New Zealand Lamb Shank (1,055).  Halibut, I wasn’t so familiar with this fish at all.  I thought that it was similar to the Flounder.  For the high price, the portion was so little but it tasted so amazing.  Considered how delicious the fish was, I forgot about how much it cost and only delicately enjoyed the dish by slowly nibbling my way through.  It was so good, I wanted to enjoy as long as possible. Then the other main dish, the Lamb Shank was traditional in terms of the taste, the appearance, and the price.  I thought it was delicious but not as impressive since I have had this menu elsewhere.  The character was no different.  

After the delightful and tasty appetizers and main dishes, our stomachs were just about filled but we couldn’t pass on the desserts.  We had to order the Apple B&B, which consisted of Vanilla Ice-cream and apple tart.  A tiny serving of the cold and warm pair were satisfying and truly ended the extravaganza with ease.  Their limit on the sweetness suited me well; apple tart was great (many apple tarts I have had were too sweet for me).  Our (romantic) dinner among brothers was rather impressive; the exquisite atmosphere, the tasty food, and the attractive drinks selection.  The service would have been fine (I thought), if there were less customers.  I would recommend the Red Sky @ Centara Grand, CTW for all sweet couples who are looking to spend some romantic time over the night lights of Bangkok. 

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