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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Su Tha Ros @ Hotel Muse - Langsuan, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Su Tha Ros - Thai Restaurant @ Hotel Muse, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   5/5

Su Tha Ros - The Thai Way at Hotel Muse on www.BumRes.com 

The Su Tha Ros is the official Thai restaurant in the Hotel Muse, one boutique hotel with a fashionably chic accommodation in the LangSuan area.  The name is very similar to an aged traditional Thai restaurant at the Siam Square, "Ju Tha Ros".  This one used to be one of my favorites when I was younger (Still in business? Should be, I think).  The Su Tha Ros is located on the 19th floor of the Hotel Muse.  The view up here is picturesque (If you sat by the window).  In case you didn’t get the view, you will still get to enjoy the interior design that is remarkably elegant.  The dark to grayish tone over the hard sharp lines expressed the modernism yet the intricate detail of the ornaments softened the space to such a beautiful composition.  With the high class customer service, you will fall in love to this dining room just like I did.  It was the love at first sight. 

The food of Su Tha Ros – The Thai Way @ Hotel Muse was quite customary.  There might be a slight twist to the originals but nothing too extraordinary.  We had a great variety to choose from when compared to many other Thai restaurants that I have been to.  What stood out the most about this fancy Thai restaurant was the price; I must say that the prices here were reasonably low opposed to Thai restaurant in any luxurious hotels.  Please find details of the menu in the tab menu as I have already prepared a thorough list for all of you.

On the table for two, we only ordered a few dishes, precisely four choices; two appetizers, two main courses, and basic desserts.  The serving style here was similar to the west (where dishes are served one course at a time).  We got the “Karawak Sodsee” (Steamed minced shrimp and Chinese sausage wrapped within an egg sheet, 190 Baht) and the “Yum Takrai Hoishell” (Pan fried scallops with lemongrass, chili, and lime dressing, 320 Baht) as the first two appetizers on the table.  Supposedly they were a Thai dishes but honestly I was new to both of them.  The second one was so good.  The scallops weren’t so big (Thai Scallops) but they were acceptably fresh with great spongy texture and they were spiced up to perfection.  They were excellent when paired up with the mint leaves and lemongrass; limited the strong scent of the seafood with ease.  About the Karawak Sodsee, it very much reminded me of the Hoi Joh (Deep fried crab and pork meatball wrapped with tofu skin) and the Chinese Hae Kin (Similar to Hoi Joh but with shrimp).  All in all, the appetizers were impressive.

Our main course featured the “Pad Cha Pla Hima” (Snow fish with fresh garlic, chili, basil, and green peppercorn, 420 Baht) and “Lamb Massaman” (Slow-cooked lamb shank with Massaman curry (A peanut curry of Indian and Thai herbs), served with potatoes, 420 Baht) These two were a unique creation that I had never experienced before neither (I was familiar with the sauce and the preparation but not with the particular fish and meat selection).  Personally I would like to thank you the Su Tha Ros @ Hotel Muse, Bangkok for the experience that was distinctive yet traditional.  Who would think that an expensive choice of Snow Fish (Chilean Sea Bass) would suit the simplest Thai style stir-fry? The Su Tha Ros succeeded with originality.  As well as the Lamb Massaman, usually this curry is done with pork or chicken but the tender Lamb stewed in the Massaman curry was an ideal alteration.  The Su Tha Ros kept the curry sauce thick with the taste so savory and traditional.  Everything was in harmony, not to mention about their highest quality Thai jasmine rice that summed up this meal to a one Thai fine dining.

After praising all about the hardcore eats, I only thought that we had to wrap it up with their desserts because I wanted to see how they could tweak the Thai dessert away from the ordinary.  Expected a happy ending, we were disappointed with their Thai desserts.  First was the “Fukthong Kangbuad” (Pumpkin in coconut milk, 190 Baht) and the second one was the “Mohkang Paek" (Taro custard and coconut milk with dry shallots, 190 Baht).  Their desserts could easily be defeated by the dessert stall in the streets. 

Well, regardless of the desserts, the Su Tha Ros @ Hotel Muse, Bangkok definitely impressed me and pleased my disciplined Thai palate.  I was so intrigued by the atmosphere, truly a memorable design.  And their attentive customer service that didn’t bug me one bit, I have to admit that I really liked this place.  For any of you looking for an upscale authentic Thai cuisine with a slight swift toward creativity, then I have found one for you. The Su Tha Ros!  

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