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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exhibit Cafe - Thai Food and Spaghetti Restaurant (Eng Version)

Exhibit Cafe - Thai Food and Spaghetti Restaurant

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

Exhibit Cafe - Thai Fusion and Spaghetti at Prompong on www.BumRes.com

The Exhibit Café was a restaurant that I have heard good things about for the longest time but never had the opportunity to come review.  Many of us who didn’t plan to come here intentionally, you wouldn’t find the place so easily.  Located near the Satit Prasarnmit Secondary, the place is accessible from the Sukhumvit 31.  With this well known name, I was always curious the greatness and finally understood when I was finally experiencing the Exhibit Cafe myself.  This restaurant had Artworks arranged in groups all over the interior wall of the dining area.  The place was simply decorated with repetition of artistic elements, a straight forward composition that made the place feel insightful yet comfortable.  

When I heard the name, saw the place, and being within it, my first impression of the restaurant was regarding food prices.  I thought to myself, main dishes would probably cost 200-300 Baht per plate and cocktails for 200 Baht, or something around this range. I was completely wrong.  The food of Exhibit Café at Sukhumvit 21 ranges in low 100’s Baht.  Then the alcoholic beverages were also selling at a good price.  My “Singapore Sling” was like 120 or so.  Honestly, I was so amazed to see the prices in their menu.  Considering the location, the interior design, and all; is this for real? Then I started to recall the price of places near here.  They serve dishes at more than 300 Baht.  Moreover, this hot spot had no tax or service charge.  What a deal?  

During this lunch, I mainly focused on their Thai menus (Majority of dishes were Thai) and I also had a Spaghetti Salmon Cream Sauce of something.  The spaghetti was the first one on the table.  It was so delicious; this one could easily match a Pasta dish in nice hotels.  I really liked it.  Other Thai specialties on the table were Lardna Plakrapong (Seabass in soy gravy with flat noodles), Yum Pakwan Todkrob (Crispy sweet leafs with spicy salad), and a Kaijeow Foikung (Fried Shrimp Omelet).  All of my Thai dishes pick were tasty and all were in large portions.  Everything was awesome; good food and good price. 

Our desserts to follow the filling main dishes were the Orange Crepe with Vanilla Ice-cream and Espresso Goldnuts.  These sweet endings were not as impressive as the earlier course, though they were delightful.  Our easy lunching at the Exhibit Café – Thai Food & spaghetti on Sukhumvit 31 was incredibly satisfying.  Their offer wasn’t an extravagance one but I was happy with their contexts; the simply delicious food, pleasant atmosphere, and good price.  Therefore, I will include this restaurant in my top picks list.  And the Exhibit Café could become your local favorites as well- check it out for yourself!

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