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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blue Sky - Sofitel Central Ladprao, Bangkok (English)

Blue Sky - European Rooftop Restaurant @ Sofitel Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

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The Blue Sky @ Sofitel Centara Ladprao is another rooftop restaurant with the picturesque view of our capital city, Bangkok.  Luxurious atmosphere of this European restaurant is on the 24th floor of the Sofitel Central Plaza next the newly renovated Central Ladprao.  Open for business at six pm, early enough to catch the soft blue sky happening during the sunset.  If you were late to get a table outside, there are interior dining areas for you as well.  Tables on the rooftop terrace are arranged with privacy and comfort; more than enough distant to other tables, which left the whole area to fit only more than ten tables.  And the indoor, there are a couple of dens with for private groups.  So if you go during holidays or high season, I would suggest making a reservation ahead of the time.   

The food here at the Blue Sky @ Sofitel Centara Ladprao mainly concentrates on the European and International fusion style.  Similar to many other rooftops restaurants such as Red Sky, Vertigo, or Scirocco, featuring dishes were not far from Pastas or Steaks.  It would be nice to find a fancy Thai fusion dishes with this kind of atmosphere.  The small selection at these restaurants is a disappointing aspect as well.  Attracting aspect of this particular rooftop dining is the price.  Much lower, compare to other ones mentioned above.  The details of the menu can be found in the tab menu as usual.

We ordered a total of four dishes and two desserts.  We chose the ones that had recommend markings.  First one on the table was the Blue Sky Salad.  It was a green mix with Foie Gras and smoked duck breast with a raspberry dressing (540 Baht).  This salad was tasty and savory with the foie gras and the duck, contrasted delightfully with the sweet and fruity dressing.  Taste of freshness ensured the use of quality ingredients.  Next plate was the Lumaconi pasta with Tiger Prawn in Cabonara and Truffle oil (650 Baht).  This particular pasta was interesting; looked like a fat stuffed shell but in fact hollow.  It was my first time so I didn’t know.  The air popped out as I forked it, puzzled me to a fool.  The ball shell of Lumaconi was tasty with the prawn and the creamy sauce; too bad that we only got four pieces of them. 

The next one was a red tomato seafood soup, served with garlic bread (360 Baht).  We had this one split into two equal portions for my friend and I to enjoy.  Spoonful of the broth at first tasted mild and watery.  Then I stirred it up and mix all the contents, which brought up the seasoning at the bottom to spice up the whole more.  Now we are talking, the seafood mix was delicious smothered in the tangy and herby aroma.  Supposedly our main course was the Tenderloin of beef grilled spiny lobster tail, crushed potato olive and balsamic bacon sauce.  We ordered it Medium Rare and the chef did it Well-done, which was too dry and chewy.  We were so disappointed.  What is up with Thai people that like their steak well done? I just don’t get it.  For this upscale restaurant, how could this happen? A chef should know better how long to grill it for.  I assumed it was because the fact we were the first ones to order and the grill wasn’t well heated. (Being a fan of USDA’s beef choice, so I know my grilling and I get upset with badly prepared steaks. -*- )

After the frustration with the Main dish, we had to order the desserts as their chance to make up for the mistake.  Our sweet endings were triple flavors Ice-cream mix of chocolate and sorbet (190 Baht) and a Tiramisu platter (195 Baht).  Both of which came with attractive presentation and they were yummy.  These budget price desserts were satisfying and did end our meal happily.  

The Blue Sky may not be on the tallest building like other ones in Bangkok but the view and the overall atmosphere could easily offer a romantic dinner with your lovers, as well as to please a group of your closed friends.  Due to the difference in height, the prices reduced in which made the place a lot more affordable.  At Blue Sky, their cuisine may not be as impressive but all dishes were good quality and delicious (Well, exclude the overdone steak).  Besides being a fine dining, this full option rooftop restaurant can be a great spot for easy bites to go with your pick from their fancy cocktails list while enjoying the city lights brightening the dark blue sky.  The Rooftop restaurant bar @ Sofital Central Plaza Ladprao is definitely qualified to be a hot and stylish nightlife attraction spot in Bangkok.  

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