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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jojo - Italian Restaurant, St Regis Hotel (Eng Version)

Jojo - Italian Restaurant @ St. Regis Hotel, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

The Italian fine dining restaurant, Jojo @ St. Regis Hotel, Bangkok is one of few official restaurants of this five star hotel (the other two are VIU for European and Western and Zuma for Japanese).  Actually I had many chances to come here but the timing was never right.  I was in front of this place deciding between here and the VIU a few months ago, finally the time has come.  I am reviewing this restaurant now.   

Jojo’s interior design presented the extravaganza to the limit of a restaurant in a five star hotel.  Both areas indoor and outdoor were decorated elegantly.  There were also stool seating with high tables as well as regular dining tables.  The beautiful wine cellar room and the grande Pizza oven were set back as background during our hi-so experience.  Top class customer service was a plus.  They were well mannered, spoke to us so politely, and took care of us superbly.  Physical elements of Jojo were exceptionally marvelous.      

Jojo features only so few of their Italian specialties.  In fact, availability is as few as many other nice Italian restaurants in town.  Common categories were appetizers, soups, pizzas, pastas, risottos, main course, and desserts.  A couple of their best picks in each kind were there for your selection.  The Jojo’s extravagance of food and atmosphere surely came with high prices.  And there was a mercy in special discounts.  The Hotel membership discounts 25% (any party size).  For your reference, credit cards with good discounts (2 persons – 50% and 3 persons – 33%) were the Citibank and Ultima.  Please find the full menu in our tab menu, I have put it up for you as usual. 

Among the three friends during lunch, we didn’t want to go full option so we ordered two Lunch Sets at a (budget) price of 490++ Baht and additional Pasta.  We had two antipastos (appetizer) in the lunch set to choose from; first was the Grilled Mint Zuchhini and assortment salad mix with Italian dressing.  This one was quite simple; plain flavor with the freshness of the Salad was pleasure, though nothing was that special.  Another appetizer was the Melon Carpaccio with rocket salad in balsamic dressing.  In my life, I have only had fish or beef Carpaccio.  Melon Carpaccio or thin slices of melon was the first time.  This one was pleasant, better than the first but still not breathtaking.

Our main course was the Fusili in Bell pepper sauce.  Coming to the table, appearance was disturbing.  I sensed dissatisfaction before even trying.  My intuition often times proved to be accurate.  This time was also right on.  This one was so bland, bland to almost no flavor.  The Fusili was not right, so the whole dish failed.  Next main course was the Pizza Ai Quattro Formaggi or basically a Four-Cheese Pizza.  The Jojo @ St. Regis did a great job.  Pizza tasted much better than the presentation.  All three of us liked this one (The Pizza at Bacco that I had last week was better).  Lastly on the main was a Pasta Signature of the Jojo, Original Fettucine Alfredo Castelmagno Cheese Wheel (650 Baht).  I have seen a review of this particular dish somewhere before I can’t remember.  The Pasta was smothered in Cheese right on our table.  The al dante Pasta had a perfect texture and its heat melted the cheese that glazed all over as an appetizing sauce.  To be honest, this signature pasta was overwhelmingly delicious.  The Fusili earlier was just crap compared to the Jojo’s Pasta signature.  Downside was its price; simple ingredients were cheese, pasta, ham, and peas that came to 650 Baht.  

Our Hi-so lunch at the Jojo @ St. Regis Hotel was not as impressive as I had expected (in terms of the lunch set).  The highlight was the a la carte, Pasta Signature.  So dang good- so freaking pricey but with the supreme level of atmosphere and the service, it was rather memorable.  For any of you who can afford the dining menu, I would surely recommend to you.  Special occasion would be most suitable for my return in the future. 

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