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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Garret Secret Bistro Bar - American Rooftop Restaurant (Eng Version)

The Garret Secret Bistro Bar - American Rooftop Bistro @ Ekamai, Bangkok

Overall Score  5/10
Taste   2/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

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Recently I have been reviewing a few rooftop restaurants.  The one that I am reviewing now is also on a rooftop with a fairly nice view of the city.  Being on top of a seven stories building, precisely a location of the “Mini” Auto Showroom on Ekamai Road.  The Garret Secret Bistro Bar was named Secret Bistro Bar probably because if you didn’t know this spot, you wouldn’t find it, I guess.  This place is located right next to the Fuzio, which is an Italian restaurant.  The Garret is actually an All-American restaurant.  However, the two restaurants do share menu.  So you can basically order food from the Fuzio while enjoying the view of the Garret, or vice versa.  Though both places have similar views, they are just in different direction, so you can take your pick as you want.   

The Garret is like any other westernized restaurants.  It offers a special lunch menu.  Mostly the Lunch Set is the attraction due to the budgeted price.  We came here for the lunch at lower prices.  The price is reasonable for a foreign operated restaurant, 390 Baht total.  Selections here are quite a variety.  Details of the menu for both lunch and dinner, you will find in the tab menu.  I have already input for you all to see as you wish.  

There were three of us at this lunch.  We order four sets; three sets were from the Garret and the other one was from the Fuzio (Lunch set from Fuzio was 450 Baht).  Our appetizers were the Rocket Salad with smoked Salmon, Salmon Nachos, Popcorn shrimps, and the last one I can’t quite recall.  Out of these four appetizers, the Popcorn shrimps were good to a western standard I’d say.  Others were just plain boring.  They only made us feel less hungry.  That was it. 

Main dishes followed right after the appetizers.  The first of four was the Angel Hair with Garlic Confit Chili Oil, which confused me how the Garret @ Ekamai could do the angel hair so wrong.  They were overdone and stuck together to a ball and flavored with Garlic oil that had no taste; they failed on this dish.  Second was the Quesadillas (Mexican Tortas laid flat with stuffing), which was just not delicious.  I mean it was just okay.  The reason we ordered this one was because it was recommended.  The other two dishes were the Garret Lamb Burger and Rib Eye Steak.  Both failed miserably.  The burger looked cheap.  I know I can’t compare to a la carte Burgers elsewhere.  Perhaps my standard of Burger is high because my experience from places such as Hyde&Seek, 99 Rest, Iron Fairies, or Hard Rock.  But they could have done better.  As well as the Rib Eye Steak, we ordered Medium Rare and it came more than Well-done.  I can’t stand my steak being too cooked.  And I could tell that they didn’t use quality meat.

Well, after the disappointment from the both courses we still wanted to give them a chance on their desserts.  So we each ordered one (90 Baht addition to the Lunch set).  The ending desserts couldn’t do it for us at this western joint.  The impression was no better than the core dishes; plain, okay, and not so good.  A bit of frustration for all of us here at the Garret American Bistro

Our lunch at the Garret @ the MINI showroom, Ekamai was somewhat dissatisfying.  We couldn’t find any deliciousness in the food here.  Besides the good views, there was nothing stood out.  All in all, the atmosphere could not do the job; the food is definite more essential.  So if you don’t care for the greatness of the food too much and just want to enjoy the view, they you can give it a try.  For me, this would be my last.

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