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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar @ Plaza Athenee Residence, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar, Bangkok - Western Food, Burgers, Cocktails, Bar @ Plaza Athenee Residence, Ruamrudee Road - Wireless Road. 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Hyde and Seek Gastro Bar At Plaza Athenee Residence on www.bumres.com

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Hyde & Seek has been the hot spot for quite sometime among restaurateurs of Bangkok.  The name speaks for an entertaining and electrifying character of the dining experience.  Gastro Bar is an extension added after the name Hyde & Seek to announce that this is a food bar or a bar for your stomach.  Chef Ian Kittichai, a Thai chef who is famous for his successful restaurants business in Barcelona and New York.  Now he is back in his homeland, serving great food to his Thai fellows and promise to cater a playful culinary experience.  This uniquely fine restaurant is located at Plaza Athenee Residence, accessible from both Wireless Road as well as RuamRudee Road.  In terms of seating, two areas are available for you to choose from; indoor and outdoor.  Interior area is divided to bar and table seating.  Many tables on the patio are set for a relaxing meal on any nice days.  

Hyde & Seek offers an exclusive blend of international foods; mainly Asian, American and European.  Sections in the menu are universally divided into appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.  Adequate amount of selections are typical in an upscale restaurant like this one.  Details of the menu can be seen in the Tab Menu as usual.  I was there for lunch, so I went for the lunch special at the price of 295 Baht.  The lunch option includes a starter and a main dish taken from the a la carte menu.  And for desserts, pay 90 Baht extra.  By saving 200 Baht for the main dish + appetizer combo, I considered this offer to be a reasonable bargain.

For two guys, we ordered five dishes.  First one was the crispy bits of battered Calamari, delicious and well presented (came in a tin bucket).  Quantity was more than what I had expected (see photo).  Next one was the Waldourf Salad or an American salad.  New experience to a spring mix with fruits and walnuts salad was interesting.  To me, I wasn’t so fond of the weird looking walnuts (looked like a brain).  But, I assumed that the crispy texture of the nuts would be ideal in the salad. 

Our first main dish was the highlight, the Wagyu Burger.  A love at first sight was with the chunky ground Wagyu.  Staring at it, I knew that there was no way I could shove the thickness into my mouth.  A solution to enjoying this burger was to flatten it down a bit.  Though it was still too thick, I had to cut it up some to eat it (I feel ashamed).  Grilled to my favor, medium rare; the burger was amazing; the good quality patty was tasteful.  Hyde & Seek’s Burger definitely deserved their prize as voted to be the Best Burger in Town in the CNNGO.   

Our other main dish was a Gratin.  Served hot, the crispy brown surface concealed a good amount of macaroni and cheese.  After getting the first bite, I had to force myself to not be so worried about my weight so I finish this delicious high calories dish stress-free.  For dessert, we only ordered the Panna Cotta.  Our sweet ending wasn’t as lovely as expected.  I thought it was too sour.  I guessed the tang their intention to bring the invigorating feel. 

Overall, my lunch at Hyde & Seek was satisfying.  The food was great but the service lacked caring a bit.  The water was too expensive (singha water 750cc for 65 Baht).  However, I really enjoyed the uniquely charming culinary.  If you were looking for a delicious mix of American and European menu and a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere, I would suggest trying this place out.  You will be impressed like I did for sure.

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