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Monday, April 16, 2012

6th Fratello Italian Restaurant - Ekamai (Eng Version)

6th Fratello Italian Restaurant Ekamai Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   3.5/5

The review is on a restaurant named the 6th Fratello, an Italian name meaning the sixth member or the sixth brother (if I understood correctly).  The name has a signature, ‘by Zeist’.  If you didn’t know the Zeist, I can tell you that it is an Italian restaurant in the Asoke area, where the head chef named Art manages on his own (I have reviewed there before).  The 6th Fratello is operated by Chef Art’s younger sibling.  This Italian place is small but a cozy one, expresses the homemade Italian setting.  The chef takes the order, services the customers, and also serves right to your table.  He will pretty much take care of everything for you.  There is one kind lady, which I believe to be his life partner, helping with whatever as necessary.  All of this will make you feel like eating at a close friend’s home.

The 6th Fratello serves only Italian dishes.  On the day I went was right before they were going to be closed for renovation, so the dishes the menu weren’t all available.  They couldn’t have excessive stock.  I also heard that they will rename the place but they still haven’t come up with the good name.  I had the chance to capture a full version of their menu for your viewing, please find all the dishes they serve in the tab menu as usual.  When considering the quality, the portion, and the price; all were reasonable.  

We ordered four dishes.  First one was the Orenji mushroom with the rocket (Baby Arugula) Salad.  Huge mushroom looked awesome and tasted yummy.  The second dish was the Penne in the light pasta sauce with the truffle sprinkle, which was really amazing.  The sauce was so delicious; glazed all over the penne pasta and left it all savory and touching.  I was so fond of this second one.  The third one was the Angel hair noodles with shrimp stir-fry.  The many large shrimp gave me a big smile on the first glance.  Although the angel hair noodles were a bit too soft and stuck together in a big chunk, it was difficult to eat.  There was not enough sauce or something; it was too dry. With the garlic and chili, the dish was more flavorful.  To be honest, I didn’t enjoy this one so much.  Last one was the duck breast with the Italian style gravy.  I liked this one.  Besides the great taste; duck meat was tender, skin was crispy, the soft salty flavor, and the good portion of it made this dish outstanding.  With this dish, my money was well spent.   

At the 6th Fratello (soon to be renamed), Italian dishes were authentic and quite delicious overall.  With the service of the owner/chef, we felt right at home.  Compare to same grade of Italian restaurants in Bangkok, I consider this place to be a budgeted one.  The bill was 1,500 Baht.  When I was writing the menu list, I found that they also have a lunch set for 350 Baht.  I will come back here again after the rename and the renovation.

Photos below are provided by the restaurant but I had to watermark my own photos which were in the same batch as these, Oops... I am sorry about that. 

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