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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chita Yutakatei, Ramen Shop - Prompong, Bangkok (English)

Chita Yutakatei - Ramen Shop - Sukhumvit Soi 24, Emporium, BTS Prompong, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   4/5

Chita Yutakatei - The Ramen Shop at BTS Prompong on www.bumres.com

Growing number of Japanese Ramen shops in Thailand amazed me.  The new generations in Bangkok seem to be so fond of the Japanese culture and food.  Leading trendy lifestyles from Japan has become an idol to many young minds of Thai.  I will not question the reason why.  As we all know the Japanese.  They are so good at what they do.  Everything they do, they do right.  Due to their natural mind set of putting the hardest effort in accomplishing one thing.  Even a simplest thing such as Ramen; an ordinary quick meal that does its job, especially in Japan it is done properly.  Ramen shops in Thailand have different target groups; Japanese Expatriates or Local Thais.  Ones that serve Japanese crowd are no doubt more authentically prepared.  This spot that I am reviewing is one of them.  The place is called Chita Yutakatei, located on a small building next to the Emporium.  I believe the building is called the Terminal, which is accessible from the Sukhumvit Soi 24.  My choice of transportation was the BTS to Prompong station.  Chita Ramen shop is less than 50 meters walk into the Soi 24, on the right hand side, which can be noticeable at ground level.  Seeing some Japanese folks enjoying their Ramen was a great sign.
The restaurant setting was similar to a sushi shop.  There were bar seating and regular table seating.  Bar seating is good for servicing individual customers because some Japanese people like to come alone, I assumed.  The place was clean and simple; design to be a straight forward functional space.  On this visit I was there with one friend, who is quite picky on his Japanese selection.  He is so crazy about Japanese food and culture.  And his long time experience with Japanese culinary arts in Japan as well as in Thailand has accumulated to a high standard of preference.  So his judgment is usually pretty tough to all the Japanese eateries that we have gone together.  

I learned much about Japanese Ramen from this guy.  Specifically there are three types of Japanese Broth for Ramen bowls; Shoyu, Shio, and Miso.  Though many Ramen shops for Thai people serve a plain pork ribs stock (Tonkatsu).  As I shown in the menu, Chita Yutakatei offers a complete selection of the broth.  On this visit, we could only order two types.  I like a darker broth, so I had the Shoyu Soup, Deluxe Tmari Special.  And my friend had the Shio or the Deluxe Shio Special, which was a simple salted broth.  I wish we could try their Miso broth as well but the one serving size was already filling enough.  These deluxe special bowls had same the Protein choice and the various toppings.  The steamed slices of pork were tender and tasty.  Bamboo shoots and the boiled egg in my Shoyu was yummy, great addition to the perfectly cooked Ramen.  My Shoyu broth was precious; subtle and mildly salty with soy aroma.  I was so in love with my Ramen.  My friend also tried my broth and he admired how great the broth was.  In fact, he said that the Shoyu Ramen was the best he had ever had in Bangkok.  I also tried his Shio but its deliciousness couldn’t quite match mine.   Besides the ramen, we also shared a side of gyoza.  This choice was simple.  I can buy the frozen dumplings to boil and fry on my own and it would be just like the gyoza here.  

We were both very happy with our Ramen at Chita Yutakatei @ Sukhumvit Soi 24.  The price of 250 Baht per bowl was a bit high but it was definitely worth it.  Gyoza was a mistake as my friend commented.  And we thought that 100 Baht was overpriced.  Well, Ramen is the key attraction to this simple and laid back Japanese joint.  If I was in this area again, I would start to remember the last drip of the Shoyu broth I had there and it would be difficult to resist not going there again.  I think next time I will go for the Miso Ramen since I have heard from my other friend about its deliciousness as well.  I absolutely recommend Chita Yutakatei to all Ramen lovers.  

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