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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kagonoya - Thonglor, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Kagonoya Shabu Shabu Sukiyaki Japanese Restaurant Kaiseki Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3.5/5

Kagonoya Shabu Sukiyaki Kaiseki Thonglor on WWW.BUMRES.COM

The Kagonoya @ Tops Market Place is located in the early part of the Thonglor Road.  The place has been opened for only a few months (reviewed on Dec of 2011) but has already has already becoming a popular spot.  Replacement of the old restaurant named De Lovely or Da Lovely or something like that (The owner, her name is Nanny from the famous sexy girls band, the Girly Berry), which went out of business.  I reviewed it and complained quite a bit about everything.  Not to my surprise, the place went out of business.  For the newly opened restaurant, the name is Kagonoya, refers to a Cow breed in Japan.  The restaurant claimed that it is supposed to be a high quality beef; grain fed for 220-300 days.  The feeding technique is similar to the Australian or New Zealand Beef.  However, this particular kind is different from other Japanese beef I know; such as Kobe or Matsusaka which are fed with Beers and a special formula food.  As you can see in the photo above, the fatty pattern of Kagonoya is beautiful and appetizing like all the high quality Japanese that I am used to.

The food offering of Kagonoya @ Thonglor, Bangkok is a variety.  Besides the Shabu and Suki, they have Tempura, Sushi, and a handful of specialty rice dishes.  I am sure that majority of visitors here will choose to go with the Buffet style since Kagonoya offers three types of buffet to all of you.  For all three Buffet selections, the side dishes are the same; consists of rice, ramen (delicious), Udon, mix veggies, and chicken on skewers.  The difference is the grades of meat.   Cheapest choice has the S-Pure pork, next choice has the Australian beef, and Highest choice is 999 Baht, includes the Kagonoya beef as a buffet.  In my mind, I wanted to go for the highest priced selection but I was there with my parents and they won’t eat very much, so we couldn’t quite make the most out of the buffet.  We decided to go with the cheapest buffet and ordered the Kagonoya as an a la carte for 390 Baht on the side instead.  I believe many people will choose this tactic because the restaurant has the a la carte menu available already. 

I remember that when I was in Japan the Shabu or Suki Buffet has a course with the Kobe beef, a high priced choice for the price of around 8,000 yen per person (If I’m right), which comes to about 3,200 Baht.  Thinking about what I paid in Japan made me feel that the 999 Baht buffet of this place is so cheap, then realized that we are in Bangkok (a thousand Baht for a person's meal is considered expensive). At first I am not sure of the quality of Kagonoya compared to Kobe, so it is hard to judge.  After I had the special cut Kagonoya, I wanted to say that this beef cut was amazingly good and definitely worth the 999 Baht (I regreted not going with the buffet).  The meat was so tender due to the fatty parts of the cut and the pork in the set proved to be a good quality (I first judged from the look) I enjoyed eating everything so much, mostly the beef.  The broth and sauces were a tasty combination with the fresh vegetables, this meal couldn't get any better.  I was so impressed with their Ramen noodles.  I was fooled by its appearance; noodles looked too soft but after a ten second dip and a shove into the mouth, the Ramen was the best.  Kagonoya also used superb quality Japanese rice. 

For this buffet, I enjoyed the whole meal without thinking about my stomach.  I was so full and so happy in the end.  The food and everything was outstanding; clean, fresh, and delicious.  Service staffs were disciplined to the Japanese standard; they were friendly and took good care of us (I often find many servers in Thai restaurants with the frown but the rest of world knows us the land of smile, what's up with that?).  The total price may be a bit pricey when includes beverages, tax, and service charge.  In case you want to have the dessert, it is extra.  Total buffet price is 600 Baht person, which I consider to be standard for a quality Japanese Restaurant.  For anyone looking for an enjoyable buffet of Shabu and Suki, I will definitely recommend this spot in your list, Kagonoya @ Tops Market Place, Thonglor.  I promise you will be impressed.

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