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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Imoya Izakaya - Prompong, Bangkok (English)

Imoya Izakaya - Japanese snacks and Beer - Prompong, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Imoya Izakaya Japanese Snacks on www.bumres.com

This visit happened right after a meal at the Chita Ramen.  We were sort of contend in terms of eating food after the Ramen but we wanted to chill and talk over a beer, so we moved on to the Imoya Izakaya, which was on the very same building but only up the staris to the third floor of the Terminal building  next to the Emporium Shopping Complex at BTS Prompong.  

As you may know already, in Japan Izakaya refers to a small snack bar serving beers to hard working Japanese in the evening.  I have never been to Japan but my buddy has and he was telling me that this spot accurately portrays the feel and the atmosphere of a Japanese Izakaya.  

Imoya’s quality Japanese beer in the green bottles was greatly refreshing at this hour.  With the many groups of young people enjoying their beers over the Japanese quick eats, this Izakaya’s blood in Bangkok had became so electrifying and everyone were so liven up.  This particular shop was designed to feel tight but deliberately created a warm and cozy space.  Low ceiling of dark wood tone made us feel close to other people in the restaurant.  

There were so many dishes to choose from but we only ordered a few dishes.  They were all good with our beers.  We had the crispy calamari, Yakitori, Small fish salad, a couple more.  The dishes came in small portion, so I could kind of slowing nibble our way through.  We didn’t stay there for too long though because it was during the weekday.  Only a couple of beers each did the job.  

Imoya Izakaya was a lively and easygoing spot to hang out with friends.  Diversity in Japanese snacks should easily please everyone on the table.  Prices were reasonable, so I am sure you will find the table covered with Japanese goodies quickly.  Check it out, the place isn’t hard to find and can be conveniently accessed by our city's skytrain.  

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