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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Primavera Italian Restaurant (2nd visit) - Thonglor, Bangkok (English)

Primavera Italian Restaurant Thonglor (2nd visit)- Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   4/5

My one time experience at Primavera about a year ago made this fine place the best Italian restaurant in my heart.  And during this past year I still hadn’t found any Italian place that impressed me more than the Primavera.   This fine Italian joint is located on Thonglor Road, between Soi 23 and Soi 25.  Parking can be found alongside the street as well as in the Thonglor 23.  The first option is free of charge and the latter will cost you 40 Baht.  Set up of Primavera is basic; existed within a small townhome, which had been renovated into a classy restaurant with elegance.  Upper levels are converted into nice dining spaces as well. 

Great impression from the previous visit may not be comparable with this visit that I am reviewing.  Last time, I was there with a group of people and we were all having a good amount wine, which created an energetic atmosphere.  Unlike this visit which was more of a romantic atmosphere since I was there with my girlfriend.   Plus we couldn’t have a feast on the table like the other time.  As far as my knowledge goes, the owner of the Primavera @ Thonglor is a true wine lover ever living in Bangkok.  Whoever has spent time in the web-board of wine in Thailand should be familiar with the name of the owner.  For me, I know him but not personally.  Let’s just say- if you find your way to Primavera Italian restaurant, you should not miss their wine selection.  You will be impressed with the most enjoyable and most valuable choices of wine to pair with your Italian favorites. 

The menu hasn’t changed much since last visit.  Addition was the special menu on paper.  Prices of everything stayed close to the same, if not raised minimally.  Details of the menu can be found in the tab menu as usual, though prices in there were from last visit.  So please consider the menus to get a rough picture of your bill. 

The first one to arrive was the Caprese Salad, an Italian style Salad of my favorites.  The Primavera @ Thonglor still impressed me significantly on this salad.  Delightfully cold cheese and tomatoes held the best texture and taste in each bite; cheesy contrasted with the naturally sweetness from the tomatoes was unreal.  I really love the Caprese Salad made by Primavera.  I think the only place that has the Caprese salad as good as Primavera is the Giorgio of the Royal Orchid Sheraton.  Other places I have gone to cannot compete with these two masters.  Second dish was a Seafood Spaghetti with tomato sauce.  My girlfriend is so fond of this menu.  I was happy to see that she liked the one here; mildly spicy, saucy, and good noodles texture.  She hadn’t been impressed with any places recently.  She said it herself that this Spaghetti was delicious. 

My pasta was… ah, I cannot remember the name.  The Pasta was different and it came with some meat and mushroom (photo at the top); smothered in a cheesy sauce, but not too cheesy.  I was so amazed with its delectable.  I guzzled it down like there was no tomorrow.  Last but not least was Primavera’s signature dish, the Black Cod with Miso Sauce.  I had this dish on the previous visit and had been craving for it since.  The Primavera @ Thonglor held their high standard with consistency; it was just as delicious as I remembered.   Charred to crispiness, the skin was to compliment the fresh fish and the savory Miso Sauce; lightly salted and mildly spicy.  Each essential united in harmony like I was dreaming.  Our sweet ending was the Italian national dessert, the Tiramisu.  For someone who dislikes many sugary desserts like me, Tiramisu had become my frequent choice of dessert everywhere.  Primavera’s Tiramisu was everyone’s favorite last time, so I had to show it to my girlfriend.  And she loved it.  My impression did not lessen.

My fancy little romantic Italian dinner with my girlfriend at the Primavera satisfied me once more.  Even though the price was slightly higher than last time, but the price was still within the reasonable range for a nice Italian meal.  Atmosphere and customer service may not compete with restaurants in a five star hotel but the outstanding Italian culinary art paring with great wine was all we really needed.  Primavera @ Thonglor just aced it again.  There goes another perfect ten.  I am sure you know what to do! 

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