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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ruan Mae Louis - Southern Thai restaurant - Fortune Town, Bangkok (English)

Ruan Mae Louis - Southern Thai Restaurant at IT Mall - Fortune Town, Praram 9, Bangkok

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  2/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

Southern Thai Cuisine at Ruan Mae Louis - IT Mall on BumRes.com

Ruan Mae Louis offers a load of selection of the Southern Thai Cuisine.   I believe the name has been in the market for a few years already.  There are a few locations in Bangkok; Big C Extra Ratchada and at Fortune Town (where I am about to review).  Personally I didn’t know about this place at all.  But I was going to get some stuff from the IT Mall upstairs and a friend that I was with said that we should give it a try.  He said that every time that he came by this place, it was lively.   The Ruan Mae Louis is located on the lowest floor of the Fortune Town/IT Mall.  Parking is easy here and you can also choose to come by MRT to Praram 9 Station.
My friend really wanted to have spicy dishes.  That was why we chose to eat lunch here.  For the two of us, we scrolled through the pages and pages of dishes.  Honestly the menu was so big, there were literally about 300+ menus to choose from.  We didn’t know what to pick, so we just skimmed through quickly and just chose whatever from the recommendation area.  As the slogan says” Roi Jung Hoo”, a southern saying that means it’s so yummy!  Since the Ruan Mae Louis’s suggested menus and the slogan seemed so promising to serve us the spicy and yummy dishes, we decided our picks so fast. 

We ordered four dishes.  First was the Cumin Crispy Fish.  Basically the fish was fillet and diced, mixed with cumin batter and deep fried, served with chili sauce.  The fish was great, crispy and tasty but the sauce was too light to be in a Southern Thai restaurant.  Usually a southern food of Thailand has intense flavoring with chilies and herbs.  Second was Tamarind Shrimp.  Shrimp was smaller but overall, it was good; I liked the sweet taste and the crispy fried shrimp.  Even the head part was edible.   Third is called the Muu Hong, a Thai Braised Pork Belly with boiled egg.  My friend had this dish at the 99 Rest Café and he was in love with it, so he wanted to try it here.  It turned to be miserable; pork was not tender, sauce was too sweet, and the egg was bland.  This dish was like a Dried “Palo” dish that you can find at food stalls in the street.  Fourth was the Pak Miang Tom Yum Soup (the name refers to leaf of Gnetum gnemon; its seeds in the pod are also great for stir-fry with shrimp paste) soup with young coconut milk.  Supposedly this one is a southern dish, so it should be intensely spiced.  Especially the fact that it is called Tom Yum (Hot and Sour Soup), it should have two strong flavors, this soup was kind of sweet and boring.  We asked for more crushed chili and lime to add.  Even after adding the extra spice, it was still not right.  We were a bit disappointed to be at a Southern Thai restaurant and find the food so mild like this. 

During our lunch at Ruan Mae Louis, we saw a few tables of Non-Thai customers.  I guess the place intends to please the mild palates customers.  The service staff lacked attention a bit.  The interior design was nice; the white theme was comfortable and suitable for an enjoyable lunch, so atmosphere was good except for some flies flying around the table.  The place could be kept cleaner, I suppose.  Overall, the place needed to tie some loose ends.  Since the food wasn’t so bad; I believe if they narrowed the selection and concentrate on a few quality menus - make it really touching, then I think the place would be better.      

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