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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Primavera Italian Restaurant (1st visit) - Thonglor, Bangkok

Primavera - Italian Restaurant @ Thonglor, Bangkok 

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  5/5
Value   5/5

Primavera Italian at Thonglor on www.BumRes.com 

The Primavera is a fine Italian Restaurant that opened up in the end of 2009.  So the place aged less than one year on my visit.  Located in a townhouse with three stories to host up to about 30-40 seats total.  Parking is available along the street in front of the restaurant.  The Place is between Thonglor 23 and 25, right next to the Little Home shop.  I recommend you call to reserve a table beforehand because I saw reserve sign on almost every table in the restaurant. 

I considered the food at this nice Italian place to be reasonable.  Salads and Pastas cost around 150-250 Baht.  Pizza would be about 300 Baht and main course’s prices were more than 400 Baht.  The owner is a real wine lover, so the wine selection was professional gathered.  I might not be the person to ask about wine but personally I enjoyed my wine with the meal.  Among 3 grown men, we order six real dishes and two desserts- excessive amount of food, I admitted.  We almost exploded leaving the place.  Details of our picks and the full menu can be found in the tab menu. 

Our bill at the Primavera totaled to 6,132 Baht include VAT + Service (an addition that shouldn’t be there).  I got to talk to the owner for a little bit.  He also studied Pharmaceutical like me except he is ahead of me by about 15 years.  He was nice to offer a Signature dish (750 Baht Value) free of charge, so that was a lovely treat.   Overall, the authentic Italian food was delicious; all of us were satisfied with the experience.  Even though the place is in a townhouse, atmosphere was classy with the interior design.  For this price, what we got was definitely worth it, if we were to compare to similar standard Italian restaurant.  To all wine lovers with great knowledge of wine, I suggest you come to check out the Primavera Italian Restaurant @ Thonglor.  Be friendly, get to know the owner, talk about wine and you might get a special dish like I did.

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