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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Misato Japanese Cuisine - Charn Issara 1 Bldg, Bangkok (English)

Misato Japanese Restaurant, Tempura and Tonkatsu - Silom,  Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   2/5

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Misato is one of many Japanese restaurants in the Silom area.  Recommended by a good food hunter friend, bragging that this is the spot to go for Best Tempura; I had to try it for myself.   The place is on the ground floor of the Charn Issara 1 Building on Praram 4 road, just past Silom Road.  Not so familiar to the area, I would have never found this Tempura shop due to its strategic location within an office building.  Coming to Misato, we have found many other mouth watering Japanese restaurants.  Actually there is one about to open up on the March 13th (next day of this visit).  I believe the name is Sakura; appeared to be a modern Japanese place.  I might go back there to check it out.  Parking is available right at the Charn Issara Building, but empty spaces are limited.  BTS or MRT to Silom will be stress free.  You can enter through the back of the building from Soi Thaniya.  Walk into the second alley way on your right hand side and you will find a stair leading up to the back entrance.  Warning, you may be distracted by other Japanese places as you try to find Misato @ Silom. 

A basic appearance at entrance of the Misato gave me no clues about the great Tempura.  Until I found the lunch menu in the front, Tempura lunch set was priced at 900 Baht.  My friend had better be right about this Tempura.  I mean- the price was no joke for the lunch time. 

Like any typical Japanese restaurant, Misato @ Charn Issara Tower’s interior design was simple and functional.  Main decoration was the collection of Sake bottles.  They had all kinds of Sake bottles; variety of brands, sizes, and colors.  If there were only a couple of bottles, it would be awkward.  Since they had a crap load of them bottles stacking on the shelf, the multitude became characteristic - especially with the orange fish figure situated at center.   I was there with one friend.  We got there around noon, so the atmosphere was very lively with the office crowd.  Lucky there were still a couple of vacant tables.  I guess we got there right before noon.  When we left around one o’clock, people were in queue at the front. 
We ordered three lunch sets at first; Shrimp Tempura, Tonkatsu, and Curry Rice.  Before all the food was served, our server suggested that we should do the Tonkatsu by itself to limit side dishes.  Tempura set was the first to come, actual Tempura comprised of two shrimps, fish fillet, Kani, long beans, and golden mushroom.  The batter looked awesome – so thin and light.  My first bite of the Shrimp Tempura, I was so amazed with golden crispiness wrapped around the freshest shrimp; shrimp was so naturally sweet.  Slight dip into the sauce added a mild flavor so meaningful.  The set also included Sashimi, Cold Udong, and other veggies sides.  There was a lot in the set but I really wanted more Shrimp Tempura.  Since my friend and I shared everything, we each got one shrimp- what a teaser.  I heard that they have a Tempura special at dinner time for 2,000 Baht.  Local Japanese crowd must be Misato’s target group as they can easily afford the high-priced expertise; art of mastering Tempura.  

Other two choices were also delicious.  Our Tonkatsu was made with pork loin; it had a yummy savor of fatty layer.  Perfectly deep-fried to golden color, this Tonkatsu was one of the best I had ever had.  Besides the original Tonkatsu’s sweet veggie sauce, I also enjoyed the Curry sauce with the Tonkatsu.  We asked for spicy Curry; it was mild for us but still delicious.  For this lunch at Misato, the Tempura and the Tonkatsu were the highlight.  Everything else on the side was average, comparable to any other Japanese restaurants.  If my menus happened to be your Japanese favorites, you have to go to Misato @ Charn Issara Tower 1 on Praram 4 and Silom.  I promise that you will be satisfied. 

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