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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jou Shit Su Sushi - Ekamai, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Jou Shit Su Sushi - Ekamai (Japanese Restaurant Review) - 1st visit

Overall Score  9
Taste  4.5
Ambiance  4
Service  4.5
Value  4

Jou Shit Su Sushi - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Joushitsu Sushi is a newly opened restaurant.  On the date of my review (23 May 2011), the place has been in business for less than one month.  The Grand Opening discount of 50% was the reason bringing me to get a taste for myself.  From what I have heard, the Sushi chef was once practicing his profession at the Honmono, which is a famous Sushi joint in Bangkok.   The Sushi chef left the Honmono and started the Joushitsu (I believe, the owner of Honmono was once a chef at the Tsu at the JW Marriot and also split to start his own as well).  Restaurants industry is interesting.  It must be the dream of every hardworking chef to have their own restaurants.  More restaurants in the market are better for consumers since we have more choices.  

Joushitsu Sushi, the name may sound like their only expertise is Sushi but actually the place has more to offer; all kinds of Japanese specialties.  However, their Sashimi and Sushi are their best bet.  Prices of the food at Joushitsu are a bit expensive, so without the 50% discount, I might not order the pricey Sashimi or Sushi.  Their target market concentrates on the upper class, like Mugendai, Honmono, Tokyo Rakuza, etc.  Decoration was clean and simple; nice atmosphere.  Customer service staffs were caring and attentive.  Down point was the long preparation time (Overcrowd must have slowed down the process a bit)

I went to Joushitsu Sushi with my family and we order a lot of food.  Overall, the food was great; fresh ingredients, great preparation skills, and pleasingly delicious.  Greatness was worth the price paid.  Large bites of Sashimi, fresh and tasty.  Though Sushi size was too small and wasn’t rolled tightly (rice popped out as picking up with the chopsticks).  At this kind of restaurants, I had never found the Sushi rolled loosely.  Everything else was amazing.  Silver fish Salad (recommended by server) was unbelievably great.  Salmon Steak was incredible; large and thick cut, grilled perfectly.  Skin was deep-fried separately to match to soft texture of the steak.  Seasoning sauce was extremely delicious, definitely a To-Die-For dish.  This must be the best Salmon Steak I had ever had.  

For other menus that I didn’t bring up, they were simple and ordinary; good enough to be in the upscale Japanese spot like this one.  Total damage of this meal at Joushitsu was about 3,900 Baht for a party of four, which I thought it was worth it.   Actual price was probably around 7,000 Baht; too expensiv e, I thought.   JouShitsu Sushi deserves to be in my premium Japanese restaurant list.  I can only look forward to a bargaining promotion again.  They should have special offers like other places; Honmono has 20% off, Mugendai has 40% off on Mondays, Tokyo Rakuza has 30% discount every so often, and Japanese places in Hotels usually have 30-50% discount all the time.  Let me be honest, I like the food of JouShitsu but their full price is more than affordable to many, don’t you think?  Please share any updates of JouShitSu with me, so I won’t miss their good deal offer.  

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