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Saturday, April 14, 2012

AOI Japanese Restaurant- Siam Paragon, Bangkok (Eng Version)

AOI Japanese Restaurant Siam Paragon, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

AOI, the name means the color of blue in Japanese.  An upscale Japanese restaurant is more costly than my expectation once seeing the menu.  Aoi, fine Japanese Restaurant is located within the Zone of Gourmet Restaurants @ G floor Siam Paragon (btw, I named the zone myself).  As far as I know, the place has two other locations (Emporium and Central Chidlom).  Started serving since the first day of the exclusive Paragon, Aoi is well pass their initiation of business effort days.  As far as I know, one place in this restaurant zone went out of business.  I can’t quite recall the name but the space is now taken by Taling Pling.  Obviously this zone attracts good business from the High bidders of the Extravaganza Paragon. 

Aoi is known to serve the best quality Japanese eats to Paragon shoppers.  Supreme expertise in handling precious seafood will surely add a great value to Aoi’s fine offerings.  High priced must be promising of high quality.  Comparing to top Japanese Franchises in Thailand, this place is set above all.  Many kitchen professionals consider Japanese culinary art to be superior.  Despite the requirement of ultimate preparation skills, Japanese food will not be the best without the finest ingredients. With great investments in all Japanese places especially fancy Japanese places, disappointment is never an expectation.  Aoi should fall into the very same category regardless.  

I was there with a friend.  Both of us weren’t that hungry, so we each had our own selection.  Mine was the Chirashi bowl.  To me, it appeared so appetizing in the menu.  Once served on the table, it was more than the word appetizing.  I was almost drooling.  First bite, the taste was quality and very impressive; delicious and delightful.  Actual portion of all Sashimi cut into this bowl may not be so much.  But with the diverse combination, the quantity was not the problem.  Bowl of colorful goodies was so special to me.  Coming in the set was Omelets pudding, which was plainly great.  Noticed in the Chirashi bowl was superior quality that sets Aoi apart from all other mid-grades Japanese joints.   

Another selection on the table was less impressive.  The Udon with Curry was just good.   Its ordinary taste was nothing special but quality was above other mainstream places.  In terms of noodles, many general Japanese restaurants have trouble doing the best possible.  In Thailand, we have to go to the specialized spots that only focus on the Ramen or the Udon. (Even some specialized restaurants can’t do it great) What seems to be the problem? My standard? Of course, my favorites are in Japan, lol…

The total damage of this quick yet pricey Japanese meal was 1,024 Baht.  Aoi included the service charge and the VAT.  In Thailand, all grade A and mid grade restaurants are now forcing the service charge and the tax.  Both of us were happy and satisfied with our meal.  I assume Aoi’s other choices would be exceptional as well (the place was full).  Overall experience was excellent; kind customer service, pleasant atmosphere, and quality food.  Everything was great besides the price.  

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