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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bacco - Traditional Italian @ Thonglor (Eng Version)

Bacco - Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar @ Sukhumvit 53, Thonglor, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

The Bacco on Sukhumvit Soi 53 is one of the oldest authentic Italian restaurants in our city.  I have driven pass here so often but never had the chance to come for a review.  Precisely the place is quite close to the main Sukhumvit road; Soi 53 is accessible by Thonglor Soi 3,5, or 9.  This neighborhood Italian joint opens all day long and the parking lot makes it even more convenient for all customers.

The Bacco @ Thonglor was a huge place.  I had never seen an Italian place this size even before in Bangkok.  Capacity possibly exceeds 100 seats.  Interior design of this place was simply elegant.  Dark tone of wooden beams and furniture expressed an aged atmosphere with great warmth.  Beautiful oil paintings hanging across the white concrete were interesting; drawn an epic of clowns at royal dinner setting (see photos).  The bright vivid colors in painting revealed a lively facet of the interior.  Customer service was great.  We were well taken care of.  Serving staffs were knowledgeable of the menu.  Timing for preparing the plates and food serving was right on.  I’d give full points on the service. 

Regarding the food here, their long time experience brought the traditional Italian culinary arts right to our table.  All food items were properly categorized into the Italian menu sections.  Not to mention about their menu’s variety; the biggest menu in an Italian joint that I have ever seen.  Especially the mix and match of Pizza toppings can create at least a hundred different faces of the Pizzas.  I was stunning to find their extensive choice of toppings and combos for an Italia Pizza.  The tab menu with complete description is available to you as usual.  We were there for lunch and weren’t as hungry so we didn’t order too many dishes, only 5 choices.    

The first dish served was a Salad “Fiore” (280 Baht), which consists of Baby spinach, chopped Parma Ham, peeled orange wedge, and more.  A Piada, edible basket held the salad snugly.  This was a new and interesting presentation for me (the impression was like the crispy shrimp with cream glazed salad served in the basket).  I was also happy with the taste, so diverse and flavorful; salty from the Ham, tangy orange, greenish from the spinach, and spicy from the pepper.  The opening dish was fantastic, good way to start the meal.  Followed right after was the soup, Lobster bisque (300 Baht).  This was a standard European soup, which the Bacco did it greatly to enjoy alongside the Fiore salad. 

The next one was recommended by the server, the Ravioli served with truffle cream porcini mushrooms & rocket salad (450 Baht).  A pasta with the new look that I had never seen before (once again) and it was a tasty one. (The pasta noodles at other Italian place that I just had recently was better than this though)  We also had another dish of a spaghetti sautéed with seafood and tomato sauce, which was an ordinary one.  It was good but nothing to go crazy about; just plain simple to the standard of many Italian places in town.   The finale was the Pizza with two different sets of topping combo.  Half was the Diabla or Diablo, a devil possessed.  In the menu, there was a note (Flambe).  I ordered and I had no idea what was going come out.  The pizza was on fire.  The Diablo was so cool with the flaming heat.  Spiciness was the main character of this Pizza.  And it was hot and spicy to my preference.  The other half was the Parma Ham.  Presentation was no less interesting; a handful of fresh rocket salad and slices of Parmesan cheese were covered by the server right on the table.  The Pizza of Bacco had earned the best in style reward from me, for sure.  A bit of regret on the Parma half, it was rather dry and boring since there was no sauce to flavor it, only cheese and the salad.  For a Thai person like me, not the best choice; you know how we like it full flavor and saucy.  

My Italian lunch at the Bacco @ Sukhumvit Soi 53 was fairly satisfying.  A couple of their traditional Italian dishes were definitely delicious above standard and others were plain simple.  Take your picks from the vast menu carefully and you will not be disappointed in this Good Old Italian joint at all.  None the less, the diversity of Italian dishes in the menu will make you want to come back and find out their goodness.  I recommend you check in at Bacco for your Italian favorites.  

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