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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sushi Masa (1st visit) - Rajathevi, Bangkok

Sushi Masa - Rajathevi - 1st Visit

Overall Score 6.5
Taste  4.5
Ambiance  3
Service  1
Value  4.5

Sushi Masa - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Sushi Masa is a newly opened restaurant (reviewed in June of 2010).  To my knowledge, the current Sushi chef was once the head chef at the Miyatake, a long time famous Sushi joint of Bangkok.  Sushi Masa is considered to be a small place, which should only hold about 30 seats and 5 or 6 seats at the bar.  I went there when the place was still new and it was during the prime time (18.30).  Sushi Masa was so crowded that I had to wait so long for the food; about an hour.  There were only two chefs working in the cold kitchen.  They gave us a silly snacks; wasabi coated peanuts.  They really should have given us something better like Edamame or something, which it could probably limit our frustration more. 

Concentration of Sushi Masa was of course, Sushi.  Their variety of Sushi was beyond my expectation; some of them were so original that you wouldn’t even find as places lke Engawa, Matsuzaka, or Gindara, etc.  Price was reasonable to economic.  There was no VAT or service charge which made it total price even cheaper compared to other Sushi shops in town.  Beside sushi, you will find all kinds of fancy Maki as well as the Sashimi and Chirashi.  Please see the tab menu for a complete detail of the menu as usual. 

I was there with my mother, so we didn’t order too much food.  We only had about 30 bites of Sushi.  Ingredients of the Sushi Masa was good quality; good but not as impressive as premium spots that I often times shed tears of joy.  One thing I want to point out is their wasabi, it’s a real wasabi.  Many places of this grade would use the artificial blend of wasabi.  I ordered about 15 different kinds and the best one of all was the Jindara or the Chilean Sea Bass.  The reason could be that it was my first time and so in love with the spongy yet soft texture.  I assume that the chef seared the fish lightly – a delicious one!  It was a bit pricey though; 180 Baht per bite.  If cheaper, I would definitely order more.  Another one of my favorite was the Engawa for only 100 Baht a piece.  Good size bite and tasted fresh and awesome.  All other choices were acceptable.  Some choices were just as good other of shops (same grade) and some were better than other places. 

Total damage came to 1,550 Baht for all the Sushi that we had (around 30 bites).  So each bite was priced average at about 50 Baht, which was cheap and totally worth it.  For any of you, who are looking for quality Sushi at budgeted price, check out the Sushi Masa, open for business from 10 to 10 without breaks in between.  I wonder when the place has become more settled in, past the popular time, will Sushi Masa still be so busy like this visit? If so, I don’t know if I could deal with the wait again.  So, next time I go to Sushi Masa and see only two Sushi chefs – then I will find another place to eat instead. 

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