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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gaggan Indian Progressive Cuisine - Langsuan, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Gaggan Indian Progressive Cuisine Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   2/5

Gaggan named his Indian restaurant after himself.  And he is the head chef.  Many of you may have seen the term “Gaggan” as an Indian Molecular Style, which majority of the Top of the line restaurants in this world are already serving this kind.  In Thailand now, we have the Kiin Kiin @ Siam Kempinsky and Aston Gastro Bar @ CDC, as far as I could remember.  I am sure there are more but I can’t quite recall.  If we refer to the Molecular style, I must admit that I can’t tell you exactly what types of food are the Molecular.  According to my observation, the dish with the foaming on the food is the feature to make these places a Molecular style (I guess, lol)

At Gaggan, their perspective is to offfer a ten course menu at the price of 1,600++.  On my visit, there were Norwegian Scallops and the Lamb for 2,300++.  In case you want both, the price will be 3,000++.  As you can see, the price is no jokes (for me).  My plan was to spend only 1,600++ ten course for myself and have my mother go with the a la carte but the restaurant wanted both of us to go one way or the other, so we had to order the a la carte to share.  The reviews that I have seen, most of them can easily handle this ten course menu on their own.  As far as I know, their full course menu changes daily or weekly depending on the Chef’s mood. 

All of the four dishes that we ordered were splendid.  The least delicious was the Salmon in flour wrap.  The other three dishes were amazing; the Chicken with Molecular foam, Spicy soup with Indian Naan bread, and the Angel Hair with crabmeat.  The best one is the Angel Hair with crabmeat.  I have no idea how the noodles was prepared; texture was just perfect.  So soft and so fine at same time; I could easily use a small fork to roll up to a perfect bite every time.  Sauce that came with it was tasty and the presentation was immaculate.  This Indian noodle dish was unbelievably outstanding.  Description of other dishes can be found under the photos.

Total bill was 2,700 Baht; quite an expensive fine dining spot, the Gaggan is.  Besides the food, we had mineral water, Mont fleur for 60 Baht a bottle and the Mocktail Banana something.  The latter one was their signature non-alcoholic cocktail, so I had to try.  By the way, the Mocktail Banana was done with the liquid Nitrogen.  I believe they used science to freeze up the liquid.  The experience of this mocktail was like having an ice-cream.  With the long-spoon, I could enjoy this mocktail all day, hahaha!

To conclude, the Gaggan offers quite unique experience.  The place is located in the Langsuan area; there is no other place like this in the area at all.  In fact, we can rarely find this kind of cuisine in Bangkok.  To be honest, as I write this review I can still taste heavy herbs and tasteful flavors of the Gaggan’s food in my mouth (or in my head?)  Well, I must go back for their serious full course menu in the future.  Other than the full course, there are many interesting and attractive a la carte choices.  The atmosphere was superb and can easily be the hang out spot for the high society.  Customer service staffs were well trained, comparable to any five star hotel.  The whole luxurious experience was definitely impressive.  For a progressive Indian, Gaggan is the one.  Please share your experience if you find the opportunity to dine there.  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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