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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Imoya Izakaya Thonglor, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Imoya Izakaya Thonglor, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   5/5

The Imoya was once a Japanese restaurant that I had given a perfect ten before but it wasn’t this branch, it was at a building near the Emporium (I can’t recall).  My impression of that visit was for the low prices food and the acceptably high quality and tasty traditional Japanese food.  Imoya near Emporium was too good for price; better than many mainstream Japanese restaurants in the shopping malls.  Plus, the attentive service staffs that behaved much like a Japanese broad made us feel so Nippon.  Today evening, my brother suggested a dinner at the Imoya, but a different one (Thonglor, unaware of this branch).  Without even thinking, I said yes because I was so happy with the first Imoya.

The Imoya of Thonglor is actually in the Sukhumvit Soi 53, which you can access from Thonglor 3, 5, or 9.  You can directly access from the Sukhumvit 53.  For parking, I have no idea where you could park besides the front of the place.  There was a spot we got there; out of only a few parking spaces.  I must say that I have driven through here a million times and I had never noticed the Imoya Izakaya here. 

The food available to choose here at Imoya Izakaya is exactly like the one near the Emporium that I have been to.  In fact the menu is the same (A big two sided menu) and prices are also the same.  The selection is vast; many categories of Japanese cuisine are available to choose.  Including Sushi, Sashimi, Rice bowls, Pickles, Grills, and many other Nippon dishes you can think of.  The foods are in smaller portion; usually one dish per person as a snack with an alcoholic drink.  Izakaya in Japan is a typical food and beer bar for the local Japanese to come after work.  To enjoy the small portions for a full meal, I believe 4-5 dishes for two would be sufficient for most people.  For me, 7-10 dishes would be suitable.  We ordered ten dishes for two people.

I was also impressed with the food on this visit but for some reason it wasn’t as good as the earlier visit at the other one (maybe I wasn’t as hungry).  My brother came for the second time and he was still happy with everything.  The most favorite one on the table was the dark stew tendon soup (Japanese style).  This was a very basic dish but the Imoya @ Thonglor did a great job.  Another one that I like was also an earthy dish, the salted crispy chicken skin.  These two came out in lightning and they were best served with a cold brewski. 

I may not review each of the dishes individually but all of them were delicious for my standard; definitely good enough to serve to customer (unlike some places that serve horrible dishes; don’t know if they had tasted the food themselves prior to serving or not).  All of the dishes at Imoya appeared to be freshly prepared (unlike some chain Japanese that reheat to serve), so the food was much better.  While enjoying the food, service staffs were taking good care of us.  A Japanese management usually has a stricter routine and trains their staff well.  Disappointment was the affect of my huge late lunch that kept my stomach full until the dinner time, so I didn’t get all the eating pleasure from the Imoya as much as I would be.  Otherwise I would have given a perfect ten again at this one in Thonglor.  For anyone looking for a quality Izakaya in the Thonglor area, look no further.  Come to the Imoya, a real laid back Izakaya with a traditional atmosphere of Japanese ornaments contributing the authentic Japanese feel.  It is on the Sukhumvit 53, Thonglor neighborhood.

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