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Monday, April 16, 2012

Nara - Central World (Eng Version)

Nara @ Central World, Bangkok

Overall Score 9/10

Taste  4/5
Ambiance 5/5
Service 5/5
Value 3/5

Recently I have had to visit Central World so often.  I was there again today and this time I got a chance to eat at the Nara, so I am reviewing this one for all of you.  The Nara was a Thai restaurant; a more traditional one.  Surely it was not a fusion Thai cuisine but rather a fancy and authentic one.  I had gone to the one at Erawan Plaza before and already reviewed that one.  It must have been a few years ago.  Today I happened to find one branch that just had a grand opening at Central World, so I decided to check it out (I remember that this place was under construction for the longest time)

The Nara @ Central World; its interior design was superb and elegant.  The high ceiling and the expanded space made the dining area a really comfortable one.  Staffs were dress uniquely (male staffs wore a really tight shirt- too tight!).  They were friendly and service minded; paid much attention to taking care of customers.  My servers had nice manners and they were available for help whenever needed.  They always cleared the table after each dishes.  For the atmosphere and service, I gave them all the points since they really deserve it. 

Regarding the food, this restaurant made it quite clear that they serve authentic Thai food, not a fusion and absolutely no foreign alteration to the originals.  Descriptions are located in the tab menu.  As far as I could remember the prices were nearly the same as last year.  Pricing ranges between 200-400 baht.  This rate for Thai food is considered high but for the authenticity, the atmosphere, and the service, this place is truly worth it.

At the Nara, many of you may already know that they are famous for the Noodle Soup (Kuuy Teaw), especially the Boat Noodle Soup with dark broth (Kuuy Teaw Ruar) in which made a great impression on me during my last visit.  This time I wanted to try something different.  My choice was the Sukhothai Tom Yum Noodle Soup.  It could easily compete with the Boat Noodles.  The size of the bowl was grand; full of various toppings, big meat balls, covered with ground pork, perfect sized stewed ribs.  Wow! What an amazing moment with just a bowl of noodle soup.  The second dish was the Spicy Shrimp and Eggplants Salad, a favorite Thai dish that I enjoyed at many places.  This dish here didn’t disappoint me; a delightfully delicious one.

The third dish was the Spicy Curry Tamarind Soup with Shrimp and Acacia Pennata (Kangsom Cha-om Kung), served in the hot pot.  Hot pot is good in size and being heated constantly.  Although I felt that this one is a bit pricey.  It costed 280 baht.  The pot came many shrimps, about 10 may be.  The shrimps were pretty dang fresh.  My last dish was new to me; the Fried Chicken breast with lemon sauce (Gaitod Raad Sauce Manao).  Perhaps I have had this dish somewhere else.  I can’t remember.  The deliciousness of this one was no where near the other ones.  Chicken was kind of dry.  It could have been deep fried to where it becomes crispy.  So it turned out to be a lost chicken in lemon sauce, a creation for foreigners possibly.

For my little meal today at the Nara @ Central World, I was quite impressed and satisfied.  The food was delicious even if the price was high.  The service was faultless and the atmosphere was in style and comfortable.  Anyone who is seeking for a fine dining Thai restaurant, this one is suitable for all special occasions.  Authentic representation of our Thai specialties will capture the heart of your foreign friends.  I guarantee they will fall in love with Thai food.  

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