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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shangarila @ Thaniya - Silom Road, Bangkok (English)

Shangarila, Fine Chinese Restaurant and Dim Sum - Silom, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

Shangarila Chinese Dim-Sum at Silom on www.bumres.com

On a Saturday afternoon, what could be more satisfying than enjoying a lunch with closed friends from High School?   Especially when the lunch is taken place at an aged Chinese restaurant resided within the lively Soi of the Thaniya building.  One of the many Chinese joints to offer a great Dim Sum in Bangkok, Shangarila was our choice to have our get together.  

My friend told me that this Chinese gem is his father’s regular hang out spot.  With the fine background of this place, my expectation will lead to a tough food review.
A sparkling chandelier held its grand welcoming to all guests.  The place was full of Chinese family gatherings.  As a Chinese descend, the decorations really reminded me of my childhood formal meal with Akong and Ama (grand parents).  The two-level dining space left a table for four to seat all of us comfortably.  Surrounded by the round tables of aloud large parties, the atmosphere was exhilarating.  We had to keep up the converse, to fit into the environment. 

The fan-folded napkin over the plate set up was quite stylish; without the Chinese specialties on the table, the set up meant nothing.  We all grasp the menu and quickly browse through the Dim Sum list.  We ordered our usual favorites momentarily.  If you had experienced Dim Sum before, you wouldn’t be surprised when all of the Chinese goodies come in bamboo baskets.  Due to the liveliness, Shangarila’s kitchen had to work a bit to serve to the full house.
Finally, our table was overwhelmed with bamboo baskets.  As you can see in the photos, we barely had any room to fit more Dim Sum. The "Kanom-jeeb kung," a bite-size minced pork mixed with shrimp wrapped in a golden noodle sheet had to be my first touch.  This one is a must try and I promise, you will long for more.  Another one of my like was the “See-krong Moo Aob Tao Sie,” steamed chops of pork ribs with taro in beancurd sauce.  The fried rice always showed up on all Chinese meals.  This time we had the salted fish and sausage fried rice; Thai salted fish was too prominent in this dish.  So, we had the red-broth soup to compliment the whole. 
Throughout this lunch, we all had the refreshing iced Chrysanthemum tea to chase the yummy dim-sum.  With the high expectation; Shangarila’s Dim Sum was in fact, impressive.  Along with the caring service staffs constantly watching over our table, looking to fill our tea and clean out the empty basket; there was nothing to worry about.  My good old friends and I were happy with this traditional Chinese lunch.  On your next family get together, I personally suggest this fine Chinese joint, Shangarila @ Thaniya on Silom Road, Bangkok

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