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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hyde and Seek - Gastro Bar - Soi Ruamrudee, Bangkok (English)

Hyde and Seek - Gastro Bar - European & Burger Restaurant, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Hyde and Seek - Gastronomic Bar at Plaza Athenee Residence on www.BumRes.com

Hyde and Seek is a hot spot that I have heard so much about for a while already.  Finally, I got a chance to experience the so called, “playful culinary experience” myself.  This is Chef Ian Kittichai’s first restaurant in Thailand.  A Thai chef who started off selling food in the streets of Bangkok made his way to be an Executive Chef at Four Season and opened up a Thai restaurant in Manhattan, NY.  Then later became famous for battling against a great Italian chef Mario Batali in the show, Iron Chef Show.  His successful streak along with his collective culinary art experience have been put together into an exhilarating signature restaurant in Bangkok, the Hyde and Seek – Gastro Bar.  Resided in the exclusive Plaza Athenee Residence- Soi Ruamrudee, the one of a kind gastronomic excitement was raising all kinds of great expectations in my thoughts.

On a Tuesday, a long working day was torturing me to hold the craving for the gastronomic greatness that awaits me at the Hyde and Seek.  After rush to get to the BTS station, I finally made it to the BTS Ploenchit around six o’clock in the evening.  The place was only a short walk into Soi Ruamrudee and sort of hidden on the right hand side as entering the property of the Plaza Athenee.   Welcoming me was the orderly arranged garden with statues, wall water features, and series of patio seating.  As entering the restaurant, I was drawn to the shelf full of liquor and draft beer tabs over the bar.   One of my friend was already there, we got table right by the window near the DJ booth.  I could feel the great vibe from the liveliness of all attending parties.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere as much as their gastronomic.

Finally all of the friends arrived at the Hyde and Seek and we were all directed to the Tuesday special deal; Any Burgers on the list can come with 99 Baht San Miguel light or Laos Beer (small bottle).   As I have heard about their Wagyu Burger got the Best Burger in Town award by CNNGO, so I really wanted to try it out.  All Burgers on the special list were made with Australian Wagyu Beef.  My choice was the Posh in Paris with a San Miguel.  This burger was quite a combination; it had mushroom, foie gras spread, Beef patty, and Duck slices as the Protein source.  This Burger turned out to be alright, not the best I have had but I definitely enjoyed its variety.

Among the five of us, we ordered about three choices of the Hyde and Seek’s special Burgers; Nothing Hillbilly, Oscar of the Waldorf, and the Posh in Paris.  All of them were good in their own way.  I liked that all choices were creative, had a strong character, and playfully named.  Besides the Burgers, we had four other a la carte dishes.  Atlantic Salmon had a weirdest presentation; slow poached salmon at 48.8c, cover in white foam, with some white Asparagus sitting on top.   I loved the texture of the Salmon but I didn’t enjoy the blandness of the foam and the creamy cheese sauce.  I am sure it was done right, only that it wasn’t my style.  The Lamb is life was more my style.  The heavy shank looked macho, contrasted to the weak tender meat that fell apart as I forked through.  Mixing with the grainy rice below, I was so intrigued.  This one was more enjoyable than my burger choice.  Fortunately we all shared the food; I had my happy time with the Lamb.

Next up was Spaghetti Vongole with rocket salad and green wine.  Basically it was abundance of green leafs and clam over the Spaghetti mixed with Pesto sauce.   Honestly the dish looked great but it was a miss; clams were a bit smelly and the pesto aroma was too weak.   Last but not least, an a la carte to make up for the clams was the Pork Belly, a braised cube chunk of bacon was sitting on top showing off its layers of goodness.  Glazed fatty on the top layer looked so yummy and fattening.  Baby cabbage complimented the meat really well.  Though the creamy sauce with the bacon was only good for a couple of bites; all my friends thought that this dish was a tough one to enjoy alone.  Don’t get me wrong, it was stunningly delicious.  Only the amount of fat could be excessive for some people- that was it really.  As you can tell, our appetite at Hyde and Seek was no joke.  We thought that we ordered a perfect quantity.  All dishes were served with appropriate portion and absolutely with thoughtful and creative presentation.

Moreover we finished our gastronomic experience with a couple of Hyde and Seek sweet treats.  They were Chocolate Indulgence and Peanut B&J.  Both were fantastic.  However, the Peanut B&J (Butter and Jelly) was more like C&J, Chocolate and Jelly.  I really enjoyed the crushed peanuts and Choco crumbles with the fruity fruit mix, jello, and the sour powder.  It was so delightful and didn’t focus too much on the sweetness of the whole Peanut Butter and Jelly's concept.  Served in a cup, the Chocolate fudge? , was cold and tasty.  Mousse like texture was great though not too soft.  All of us had a big smile enjoying these desserts.

Hyde & Seek – Gastro Bar at Plaza Athenee Residence did a great job as they promised to offer the playful experience.  Everything was excellent; service staffs, the atmosphere, the food, and the music.  All elements to be a fine restaurant, the Hyde and Seek possess them and no doubt fulfilled my high expectation.  Their expertise in the fusion of international culinary arts impressed me.  On any occasion that suits you most, find your way to hyde and seek for the fun of it.

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