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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Madison Steakhouse - Four Season Hotel, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Madison Steakhouse - Four Season Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

If you were to ask any food reviewers or steak lovers in Thailand for the best spot for quality steak, they would all agree that the Madison @ Four Season Hotel, Bangkok is the one.  CNNGO gave this place the third Best Steakhouse in Bangkok.  Therefore this steak joint must have something great to offer.  For a steak lover like me, I could not miss the spot.  The Madison is one of the four official fine restaurants here at Four Season located on the Ratchadamri Road, a luxurious hotel and a top of the line accommodation that everyone is dreaming of having their wedding ceremony here (At least I am).  This particular restaurant serves fine lunch and dinner daily.  During the lunch time, they offer a business set lunch for a budgeted price (sort of is, for its class).  The meal will be split into two or three courses and in addition, they have the proper arrangement line up for you to serve yourself as much as you want.  An average Joe like me could best afford the lunch here (hopefully soon, I will be back to review the dinner courses)

What I love the most about my experience at the Madison @ Four Season Hotel wasn’t the Line Buffet or the Main Course but it was the complimentary bread.  The appearance and the taste were extraordinary.  So spectacular that I couldn’t believe it was all free of charge.  I mean, it was just plain good old bread.  As simple as it could be; soft and rich texture with a spread of butter, it got even yummier.  The extra 250 Baht for the Crab Bisque Soup wasn’t a miss, the soup was well prepared with the greatest balance; the spicy touch was delish.    

The first part of the meal at Madison of Four Season was lip smacking good and all I could imagine about the main course was the greatness of their everyday’s special.  The chef’s pick was the Oxtail Stew and Lamb Stew.  The Oxtail Stew tasted alright but couldn’t compete with the ones I have had in the past.  The lamb was worst; the meat was so dry and chewy.  Also the vegetable and sauce just were not in harmony with the lamb.  This one failed miserably, to the point that I could only finish half of the plate.  Imagine how bad it was, I rarely never finish my food.    

The desserts may appear very intriguing and fancy but they didn’t fall too far behind the Main course; they were just weird.  The taste was too sour and there was no balance whatsoever.  I can’t quite recall the name.  Both choices were a mistake.  

To conclude, my Business Set Lunch @ Madison – Four Season Hotel was halfway impressive.  The latter half was a great disappointment.  I am sure that next time I would choose to have only the Line Buffet of Salad.  We can’t blame the restaurant for the main course because next time they will have a different selection (the menu changes weekly).  Perhaps next time I review the food here, I would find a better dish. (We had no luck on this visit)  Regarding their customer service, staffs had well manner and took good care of our table but they seemed to be confused when taking the order, so let me take a point off for that.  Well, honestly I expected more from this place.  I really want to give them a second chance.  I will come back here for dinner and judge on their a la carte menu.  Then if impressed, I would come back for lunch again.   

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