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Monday, April 16, 2012

Treecreeper - Silom, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Treecreeper Italian Restaurant - Silom, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

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The Treecreeper is an Italian restaurant.  When I first heard the name, I imagined an easy-going snacks and bakery place.  Then when I went to find the menu, I was like wow; this is a real authentic Italian eatery- no jokes.  My brother happened to find this place being reviewed in a TV show and the desire sparked his appetite, so he brought our family there.  We arrived to the place around noon and we were so surprised to find an empty dining area.  A bunch of question marks clustered my mind; opened?, going out of business?, horrible food?, and many negative attitudes.  We all thought, “Oh well, let’s give it a try since we are already here”

The food selection of the Treecreeper @ Saladaeng is as mentioned above; it is an authentic Italian.  You can pretty much find the traditional dishes organized in the formal categories of Italian culinary.  The pricing is considered to be reasonable and comparable to common upscale Italian joints.  Descriptive detail of the menu can be seen in the tab menu as you can conveniently browse to find your favorite Italian dishes.  We were disappointed that we missed the Lunch Set because there was no lunch special on Sunday.  The sets seemed interestingly worth it.  Let me expand on the reasons later in this review.   

The Treecreeper properly served the dishes in the order as the courses were meant to be served.  Beginning with the Caesar Salad, it was as basic as a salad could be; the ingredients, the taste, or the presentation.  Following with the two Pastas of the Twisted handmade; one with the Italian sausage and other was the Duck Ragout. These two fascinated me at first sight.  The portion made my hunger so happy (we are used to small portion of Pastas at nice Italian food shops).  Regarding the flavor, they were really yummy; especially the Duck Ragout that I chose.  Ragout typically refers to a dish with meat stew and veggies (similar to Pad Ka Pao, but with a thicker sauce).  The Pasta duos were so filling and mind blowing.  Then coming between the Pastas and the mains was the Risotto Seafood.  This bowl of grain mix with the seafood combo was so rich and tasty.  With this Italian teaser, we were so excited to meet our main courses.

The two main dishes followed were the Blackened Pork Chop (Kurubota) and the official assortment of grilled seafood of the Treecreeper.  These two were really impressive, we all thought.  Delicious and well plated, good size chunk of PC and huge Scallop in the seafood set (see photo).  Grilled Tuna was new to me (on the grill, I have always had it thoroughly cooked; exclude the tuna in can- okay?)

Let’s sum up the review of Treecreeper @ Saladaeng!  This Italian meal cost us 2,800 Baht; in exchange for the finding of one great Italian restaurant, it was definitely well valued.  We were more than satisfied with the authenticity, great flavor, and good service.  Not to mention about the well-groomed balance of antiquities and modern touch interior, composition that made the Treecreeper a one stylish Italian restaurant.  Being so near the Zanotti, perhaps you will have a tough choice for your Italian cravings but I‘d say that the Treecreeper will surely turn you into a happy camper, so experience it for yourself.

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