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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mugendai Sushi and Tempura Bars, Thonglor - 3rd visit ( Eng Version)

Mugendai Sushi and Tempura Bars, Bangkok (3rd visit)

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  2/5
Value   4/5

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The food review at Mugendai @ Thonglor in Bangkok is actually the third time.  I gave the ten out of ten points for the both visits here.  Apparently this premium grade Japanese restaurant must hold a good place in my favorites.  The food of this third visit didn’t disappoint me one bit but the horrible service (Promotion Night with a full house) had to make me reduce their score one point.

Due to the high prices of the food here at Mugendai – Thonglor, there had to be some kind promotion that attracted me here.  All my visits were with a special deal.  The promotion this time was a 40% discount when using the SCB credit card on Thursday.  I believe they cleared out their fish stock today to welcome a fresh incoming on Friday.  For other days of the week, they have a 25% discount.  Since Thursdays offer the highest discount, everyone tend to be here on this day.  It was so crowded this time, which delayed everything; I was a bit frustrated with the long wait for the food but well, you know - who doesn’t like the bargain?

The authentic selection of the Japanese Cuisine at Mugendai, Bangkok is splendid and eclectic; Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Tempura, Noodles, and miscellaneous.  They have everything that you could imagine to be in all Japanese restaurants.  What makes this place stands out from others are the supremely high quality ingredients and the high price that trails every bit of the experience.  The menu of this Marvelous Japanese joint can be found in the tab menu as usual. 

For our fine Japanese meal at Mugendai, we ordered a bunch of different dishes that were low priced.  Not to my surprise, every bites I had here really hit the spot for my Japanese treat just as I remembered in the first two visits.  My most favorite dish in this meal was Akami or the lean part over the spine of the Tuna.  This dish at Mugendai was the best I had ever had in my life.  Large cut for a full mouth and the fish was so delightfully fresh.  Another dish would be The Belly of three chef’s pick fish, seared to perfection; the Hamachi, the Salmon, and one other fish (don't know the name).  Normally the fish belly is something that is soft and savory.  When the highest quality fish were seared, they offered a kind of texture that was merely to die for.

No other dishes in this meal that were as stunning as the first two mentioned.  Even the Unagi over Japanese rice that captured my heart on previous visits, this time was just less than impressive (smaller portion).  The Engawa (One eyed fish’s fin) was just okay and many restaurants could have done better.  The thin sliced Salmon (the Italians call it Carpaccio but not sure how the Japanese call it) also didn’t reach my expectation.  The two dishes of the sushi rolls of Mugendai @ Thonglor were good but couldn’t compete with the Isao, who is the specialist in certain rolls (I can’t remember the names).  Don’t get me wrong the rolls at Mugendai were definitely better than many Japanese Sushi bars in Bangkok.       

For our serious Japanese dine out, we each dropped about 1,700 Baht.  We must say that the price was rather high because we only ordered the low ends items from the menu.  Considering the upscale atmosphere and superb quality, we all felt satisfied of the Mugendai, Thonglor – Bangkok.  This shop will more than likely remain as one of my favorite Japanese restaurants.  High grade fish, quality ingredients, and professional preparation will surely be pricey- no doubt about that.  The review of the meal would have received a ten out of ten, if the service was better and foods came out faster. 

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