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Monday, April 16, 2012

VIU International Restaurant St. Regis Hotel (Eng version)

VIU International Restaurant St. Regis Hotel Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4/5
Value   2/5

VIU International Restaurant at St. Regis Hotel on www.bumres.com

The Viu is an international restaurant in the St. Regis hotel @ Ratchadamri Road.  The hotel just opened recently (I reviewed on the 20 June 2011, the hotel was quite completely finished at the time and still didn’t have the Grand Opening).  In the St. Regis Hotel, there are two restaurants; one is the Viu, the formal international restaurant and the Jojo, the Italian restaurant located near the Lobby of the hotel.

After taking time to decide and seeing the menus of both, I felt that VIU appeared to be more interesting than the Jojo.  Also the view of the VIU was much better with the spanning glass window that revealed the bird’s eye view of the RBSC (perhaps the main reason to choose this one).  Being an elite restaurant in the five stars hotel, interior decorations and the customer service could not be complaint about.  And in fact, this international restaurant did possess the high class contexts and well deserve to be in this highly crowned pricey hotel.  This branch of the VIU differed from the other ones that I had gone to.  Their distinctive opened kitchen was something that I had never seen at other VIU restaurants.  I didn’t have a chance to enjoy the cooking show since my table located across the hall from the fiery corner. 

The VIU @ St. Regis call themselves the International Restaurant in which I would not disagree since their menu featured dishes that were rare, creative, and international.  And they didn’t overly expand their menu to too many choices of international dishes.  Details of the menu can be found in the tab menu.  I have listed a complete one for all of you.  Since I went there for lunch and they also had the special Lunch Set deal, I had to go with the special.  In the set, you can choose 3 courses for 790 Baht.

Two appetizers were available to choose.  My pick was the Caprese Salad; delicious but not as good as the Giorgio's @ Royal Orchid Sheraton that I had recently reviewed.  The other choice was the Beetroot and pumpkin dice mixing in salad dressing.  This one was just not delicious – am I too honest? LOL… The first main dish was the jasmine rice with lamb shank and green curry.  I liked this one a lot and could not believe how well the lamb meat complimented the Thai green curry.  In my opinion, this dish would be perfect if there was more of the curry sauce over the rice.  As you all know that a lack of curry on the rice can be frustrating- more sauce please! Another main dish was the Sea Bass piling over veggies with some sauce.  It was really good but I had no idea what nationality it was or how it was done.  Good fish- too good to be Sea Bass. 

There were four of us and we wanted to try another main dishes in the menu, so we ordered Australian Prime Rib to further satisfy all of us.  The VIU prepared this one excellently, grilled perfectly to our request and the meat was heavily marinated because it was so juicy and exploding with flavors (Too bad there was no matching side to come along- we had to order extra from the menu).  Our sweet touch in the end was the ice cream with Crème Brule (see photo).  My friends really enjoyed this one but I was never big fan of dessert, so it wasn’t as touching for me.
For our chill lunch at the VIU @ St. Regis – Ratchadamri, we each spent 1,200 Baht approximately, with the Evian for 270++ and the Aussie’s Steak for 980++ in addition to the Lunch Set of 730++.  Surely we were all impressed with the meal; really high quality and delicious food, well prepared and presented, attentive and professional service staffs, and lastly the gorgeous and picturesque view.  OMG – How could I ever afford this high society spot several times a week? This ideal lunch could not get any better (only if it was free, I guessed).  

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