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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mugendai Premium Japanese Restaurant - Thonglor, Bangkok

Mugendai Premium Japanese Restaurant (Sushi & Tempura Bar)


Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  5/5
Value   4.5/5

Last week I was mesmerized by the godsend Sushi dinner at Tokyo Rakuza and happened to find the advertising sign of the Mugendai promoting a 30% discount for the grand opening.  I recalled a review I read about, referring to the Mugendai as a premium grade restaurant owned by a Thai celebrity and seven famous people.  I knew that I must not miss the opportunity. 

I went there on the 16th of December, almost missed the 30% discount promotion which ending on the 19th.  The Mugendai is located on the 7th floor of the Grass Residence.  The restaurant took up the whole floor and separate to indoor and outdoor seating areas. 

The place was more crowded than my expectation on the day that I visited.  Customers seemed to be like hi-so, well-groomed, and good looking.  Some of them may be Thai celebs but I don’t know them.  I happened to be there for a food review show.  A well know star, Khun Jeab Sopitnapa was being interview about the restaurant.  With the media team and everybody walking around, the whole atmosphere of was a bit hectic.  I would prefer enjoying the top grade sushi without the show going on.

Service staffs were the best I have ever experienced.  Their suggestion was helpful.  They were taking great care of my table.  They pleased us more than what we asked for.  Even the leftover shrimp heads, they took them to make a Miso soup for us (it was a really yummy soup too).  They brought more seaweed for the Uni roe (Sea Urchin’s); arranged the dishes on the table for us without asking; gave clean plates at the right time.  All I can say is that Mugendai has the best service team.  I will definitely give the five star for it.

Speaking of the food, Mugendai had a full range of Japanese specialties; (90% traditional and 10% new creations).  The prices are as premium as their offerings, to appropriately match the target group of upper class.  Single specialty is between 300-400 Baht and Sashimi and Sushi are rising from several hundred Bahts to 3,000 or 4,000 Baht.  Selection is more diverse than the Tokyo Rakuza right below this building. 

Between my mother and I, we ordered a set of assorted Sashimi for 3,000 Baht.  We didn’t plan to go full option but our server kept encouraging us to order it; telling us that the Uni alone will cost about 2,000 Baht and the set was a deal.  We didn’t order immediately.  It happened when our desire overcame the reasoning.  And we also had the Tempura combo (our picks), a salad, and the cold Udong.  

The Sashimi assortment looked impressively immaculate, comprised of all the fancy stuffs like the Otoro (oversized).  The large cut had the ideal quality, which exposed the fattiness melting in the mouth unlike the smaller pieces elsewhere.  Uni roe was so fresh, no smell at all.  It was so fresh that I could taste the sea breezing through the mouth.  I didn’t recognize three kinds of fish but they were amazingly delicious.  The fresh of the sea Hotate was so thick.  Seeing photos while reviewing this made me drool.  Honestly, if this precious platter cost about 1,500 Baht, I would probably go to Mugendai every single day, lol…

Cold Udong was high quality, reminded me of the Nanohana’s Udong that I am so fond of.  Soft and chewy texture with the succulent dipping sauce mix raised my Udong experience to the next level.  Shrimp Tempura in the set was quality wrapped in crispiness. 

Salmon skin Salad (450 Baht) was simply delicious, better than most places I have gone to but wasn’t as impressive as the Sashimi assortment.  Own selection Tempura was perfect crispy.  I mean the ingredients made it that much better. 

30% discount was quite a deal, wasn’t it? The bill totaled to 3,521 Baht from the original price of 5,000 Baht.  Without the 7%VAT, this place is even cheaper than most Japanese restaurants.  I was so impressed with the food and the service.  And the atmosphere would be better without the show going on.  Mugendai is a great name for this place; high quality raw ingredients especially the Sashimi, the quality is absolutely Mugendai (The name means Infinity in Japanese).  For any special occasions, Mugendai Japanese Restaurant is a great spot to go for Premium grade Sushi and Japanese specialties. 

Update: I had another chance to go to Mugendai again this past October of 2011.  This time wasn’t the same because we got 50% discount for using the SCB credit card.  On this second visit, we had the full option again; the Grande Sashimi Assortment, Tempura Combo, and Aburi Seven.  Aburi Seven was seven grilled Nigiri pieces.  Everything was splendid just like the first time.  Almost a year since last visit the Mugendai is still holding their superior status for Premium Sushi.  Honestly, without the discount, I don’t see myself with the lovely Mugendai Seafoods at all. 

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