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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

UOMASA Japanese Restaurant - Thonglor 13, Bangkok

UOMASA Japanese Restaurant Nihonmura Thonglor 13, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3/5
Value   4/5

Uomasa Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Today we are going to review the Japanese restaurant in Thonglor area – the Uomasa, located in the Nihonmura (JapaneseVillage) in the midst of Soi Thonglor 13.  Within this particular complex, there are about 4 restaurants total; Gyu Maru, Ramen Shop, and a dessert shop.  I have gone to the Gyu Maru before but the latter two I have never tried.  The Uomasa – its name refers to a fishery; this place has a wide selection of sushi and sashimi.  I have gone to Uomasa three times and I still have never ordered their sushi.  The price is way too expensive.  Hopefully next time I get to try.  There was once a branch at the Esplanade, B Floor.  I never got to go there and now that branch is already closed down. 

The Uomasa has two stories; first floor is comprised of single large tables, about ten of them.  Also there was sushi bar with about 8 seating.  The second floor has private rooms and each room has about three tables.  Decoration of the Uomasa is very Japanese; simple and clean atmosphere.  On my visit, the first floor was completely full, so I was seated on the second floor.  I didn’t like that because the workers weren’t up on the second floor to take care of us very much.  Servers must be really busy downstairs. 

As I have mentioned earlier, this place specializes in Sushi and Sashimi.  With their extravagance selection in the menu, I didn’t get the photos – hopefully next time I will get the menu photos.  In the drinks selection, several types of Sake were available to choose.  I could tell that the Uomasa is the popular spot for Japanese expats.  I noticed the attractive lunch special set.  It was a nice bargain, so all of us ordered the lunch special.  The set also included the free green tea just like other Japanese places of Thonglor.  

The Sashimi set A was the steamed Japanese rice with assorted Sashimi.  For only 300 baht, I really felt that it was very worth it.  I didn’t think that the actual dish was going to look as good as in the photos.  To my surprised, the real deal even looked better than photos in the menu.  Arrangement of the sashimi pieces and the side decoration were magnificent.  I become even more impressed after the first bite; the fish was so fresh.  Wasabi was real, not an artificial one.  The rice was premium grade, perfectly cooked.  Quantity of the sashimi was generous.  This set was highly valuable; highly recommended choice for lunch. 

The Saba Set – my mother ordered this one.  I didn’t get to take the photos.  In this 180 baht set, included was a whole fish (same size as at Fuji 220 baht).  I got to taste a little bit of it.  Flavoring of the soy sauce was so delicious.  My mom really enjoyed it.    

Alaska roll – Maki style roll with Salmon, Ebiko, and special sauce.  For 300 baht, this choice was basic yet so pleasing.  My mom and I nibbled the eight pieces one at a time with joy.   

For three dishes between my mom and I, the bill totaled to almost a thousand baht included service and vat.  Overall, the food of Uomasa is quite delicious.  For the lunch set at special price, the food is less delicious.  The goodness of the food increases with the price.  For an average Joe like me, I couldn’t fully enjoy all the Uomasa has to offer.  On the other hand, for the rich folks of Thonglor, Uomasa will be the place for them to get the best quality Sashimi and other premium selections. 

Update 2010-11-07

I went to Uomasa Japanese Restaurant for lunch again.  Just like last time, the place was so crowded.  I was with two other friends.  All of us ordered the lunch special.  I had the Sushi set; beautifully rolled with a mouthful size pieces – impressive choice for a lunch set.  Two other sets were the grilled fish; both of them were delicious to a standard.  To share, we had the Large Tempura set.  Uomasa’s Tempura was super delicious – unbelievably good.  One more menu for sharing was the Yakitori, which was tasty.  Overall quality of the food remained Godsend.  However the customer service still needs some improvement.  Servers were slow with refilling and general servicing.  The food was a bit slow.  I do understand that it was really busy at lunch time but could they hire more worker? Check it out for yourself – the Uomasa at Thonglor 13.   

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